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PACSman is an IDL package to extract line profiles from the Herschel/PACS instrument, project spectral maps, perform optimal extraction on point sources etc…

1 Documentation

2 Features

2.1 Line fitting

PACSman performs spectral fits with many constraints for the line and baseline properties.


2.2 Flux extraction in footprints

With PACSman one can integrate the flux in individual footprints, calculate the flux using the 3x3 method or the brightest spaxel method. An optimal extraction is also proposed, in which the source extent and position can be derived accurately with a precision smaller than the spaxel size and with the best S/N possible on the flux.


2.3 Map projection

PACSman enables spectral map projection on a 3" pixel grid with error propagation.


2.4 Map analysis

Some additional tools are provided to examine spatial cuts in maps, measure object fluxes, or fit 2D Gaussian components.


Author: Vianney Lebouteiller

Created: 2019-05-05 Sun 01:26