International Astronomical Union (IAU) Symposium 271 on
''Astrophysical Dynamics: From Stars to Galaxies''
to be held at the Grand Hotel Aston, Nice, France from June 21-25, 2010.

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There will be a proceedings volume for the conference published by Cambridge University Press.
All presenters are offered the opportunity to submit a paper to the proceedings. Invited speakers will be allocated 10 pages (max), contributed talk speakers will be allocated up to 8 pages, and poster presenters will be given 2 pages. There will be a brief ("light") refereeing process of papers. The IAU's time line for publishing proceedings is very tight. We therefore require all papers to be submitted by *** August 31st, 2010 ***. We apologize for the fast deadline, especially over the summer months when all are traveling, but unfortunately we have no choice. Instructions for authors are here:
We recommend you do not wait until after the meeting to start preparing your manuscript.


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The symposium is co-sponsored by the French CEA, CNRS/INSU, l'Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur, the European Research Council (through ERC grant STARS2), ASTROSIM, European Science Foundation and le Conseil General des Alpes Maritimes.

The purpose of IAU symposium 271 is to enable interaction, discussion, study, and thereby to enhance our understanding, of some of the important nonlinear dynamical processes present in the Universe, with special attention to those that are ubiquitously present in a great variety of astronomical objects, from stars like our Sun to galaxies. Such objects exhibit complex dynamical phenomena spanning a wide range of temporal and spatial scales, with fluid and magnetic instabilities, highly nonlinear states and turbulence playing a central role. Today, understanding the behaviour and evolution of such systems requires high-accuracy, multi-scale astronomical observations coupled with detailed theoretical study via models. In particular, high-performance numerical simulations have become an essential and revealing tool for assessing the often richly subtle and surprising highly nonlinear regime of such models. This symposium therefore will offer a unique opportunity for world experts with widely varying perspectives to share their knowledge and opinions on the latest advances in the study of the common underlying processes from the field of nonlinear astrophysical dynamics.

This conference is particularly special in that it will also be a fitting occasion to celebrate the long and illustrious career of Professor Juri Toomre in honor of his 70th birthday. The Symposium theme aptly befits Juri's widespread achievements in many realms of astrophysical dynamics.

We will remember Juri's many successes during the conference and celebrate with a banquet in his honour.

Overview of Major Topics:

- The Sun and stars
- Galaxies
- Astrophysical turbulence
- Cosmic magnetism
- High performance numerical simulation in astrophysics
- Nonlinear dynamics
- Stellar observational constraints: Helio- and asteroseismology, magnetism, rotation and abundances
- Galatic observational constraints: dynamics, magnetism and abundances

The conference venue is the Grand Hotel Aston, Nice,FRANCE
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Registration fees: early bird registration 300 Euros until March 31st 2010. Thereafter, 350 Euros.

You can get here the conference poster
We look forward to seeing you next year in Nice for a productive conference.

N. Brummell and A.S. Brun
(SOC Co-chairs)