List of oral talks (abstracts are linked)

Invited talks:

J.P. Zahn: Juri and the art of modelling convection zones
JF Donati: magnetic fields of low-mass stars : the many faces of dynamo
S. Tsuneta: Solar Magnetism as revealed by Hinode satellite
D.O. Gough: Some recent and future helioseismological inferences about the solar convection zone
J. Christensen-Dalsgaard: Stellar hydrodynamics caught in the act: asteroseismology with CoRoT and Kepler
A. Title: Magnetic Fields and Convection - A chicken and egg problem
A. Toomre: TT72 and later developments
F. Combes: galaxy dynamics: secular evolution and hierarchical scenario
E. Zweibel: Origin and Evolutuion of Galactic Magnetic Fields
F. Bournaud: gas dynamics and star formation in galaxy collisions
K. Ferriere: Interstellar magnetic fields near the Galactic center
U. Frisch: doubly curl-free flows and MAK reconstruction
P. Padoan: From turbulence to star formation
D. Hughes: Self-consistent mean field MHD
H.K. Moffatt: Some topological considerations in relation to cosmic magnetism
C. Parnell: 3 dimensional magnetic reconnection
M. Proctor: Large scale dynamo action influenced by velocity shear and convection
N.O. Weiss: Solar and stellar dynamos
A. Brandenburg: From large scale dynamo to magnetic helicity
D. Galloway: Nonlinear Dynamos
A. Pouquet: Selected issues in MHD turbulence and how to cope with them
B. Dubrulle: Dynamo in Turbulent fluids: Theory and Experiments
K. Chan: overshooting above a convective zone
C. Forest: a plasma dynamo experiment and laboratory tests of solar dynamo processes
S. Tobias: Astrophysical fluids via cumulant expansions

Contributed talks:

T. Rogers: 2.5D simulations of the solar radiative interior
M. Browning: Rotation and magnetism in fully convective stars
B. Brown: Global scale dynamos in stellar convection zones
P. Bushby: Influence of stratification upon small scale convectively-driven dynamos
D. Arnett: Convection in stars: a new perspective
L. Jouve: Magnetic buoyancy as an origin of the solar cycle variability
R. Arlt: Dynamo effect from Tayler instability in stellar radiative zone
L. Silvers: Double diffusive magnetic buoyancy instability
H. Muthsam: Simulations of stellar convection, pulsation and semiconvection
B. Hindman: Using eigen fct phases to measure deep meridional circulation
F. Hill: Helioseismic obs of solar convection zone dynamics
M.S. Miesch: Probing Solar Internal Dynamics with Numerical Simulations
Yu-Ting Wu: On the formation of ring galaxies
J. Wolf: Modeling mass independent of anisotropy: a new advancement in galactic dynamics
P. Repetto: Pair galaxy observations with PUMA
A. Curir: N-body simulations of the formation of the galactiv stellar halo
R. Levine: Large-dynamic range simulations of a galaxy hosting a supermassive black hole
M. DeRosa: The Evolving Photospheric Magnetic Field: A Spherical Harmonic Analysis and Consequences for the Solar Dynamo.
M. Thompson: Asteroseismic results for the evolved solar-type star KIC 11026764 (Gemma)
S. Mathis: MHD relaxation of fossil magnetic fields in stellar interiors