IGR J00515-7328

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Orb. P Radio Counterpart Infrared/Optical Counterpart
R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References
O8 V or BO III
≤20 d 00h 52m 00.59s -73° 29' 25.5" Coe et al. 2010
Masetti et al. 2013
Published Papers
Miscellaneous :
Coe et al. 2010 (MNRAS):
  • XRT Position compatible with Rosat PSPC source
  • Several XMM sources in the IBIS error box
  • Favour association of Swift/XRT source with the IGR, but cannot be unambiguously associated
  • Hint for a pulsation at 8.29s but it cannot clearly be associated to the IGR
  • Possible IR counterparts at positions consistent with the XRT-Rosat source both compatible with being Be stars
  • HMXB is suggested
Masetti et al. 2013 (A&A):
  • Optical / NIR observation + spectroscopy of counterpart
  • Hα in emission at z=0
  • Source is an HMXB in the SMC => d=60 kpc
  • Companion is either a O8 V or B0 III massive star
  • Porb ≤ 20 days based on EW of Hα

Last updated 24 July 2013

Jerome Rodriguez