IGR J09189-4418

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Type Redshift Radio Counterpart Infrared/Optical Counterpart
R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References
Prob. AGN
Sey 2 (?)
2MASX J09185877-4418302 Landi et al. 2010 (ATel 2853)
Published Papers
Miscellaneous :

Landi et al. 2010 ATel 2853:
  • Swift refinement of the position
  • 2MAS X source within Swift error classified as an AGN
  • R~16.8 USNO A2 source within Swift error box
Tomsick et al. 2012 (ApJ):
  • Chandra observation
  • Position consistent with that of the 2MASX source
  • NH=4.6 x1022 cm-2; Γ=1.4
  • Source may be a Sey 2

Last updated 25 July 2012

Jerome Rodriguez