IGR J1248.2-5828

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Type Redshift Radio Counterpart Infrared/Optical Counterpart
R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References
AGN/Sey 1.9 z=0.028 MGPS-2 catalog Landi et al. 2010 2MASX J12475784-5829599 Landi et al. 2010
Published Papers
Miscellaneous :

Landi et al. 2010 :
  • Swift observations + multiwavelengths catalog browsing
  • Spectral analysis => NH=0.3222 cm-2 (galactic), &Gamma=1.26 frozen
  • AGN with radio flux 16.5 mJy at 36 cm
  • USNO B1.0 source with R=14.6-15.1
Masetti et al. 2010 (A&A):
  • Optical spectroscopy of counterpart
  • Strong redshifted broad emission line typical of AGN
  • Source is a Sey 1.9 at z=0.028

Last updated 12 July 2010

Jerome Rodriguez