IGR J14536-5522

Other name = Swift J1453.4-5524, 1RXS J145341.1-552146

Type Period Radio Counterpart Infrared/Optical Counterpart
R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References
CV/Polar 3.1564±0.0001 hrs
USNO-A2.0 source U0300_22436308
14h53m41.16s -55021' 37.4"
Published Papers
Miscellaneous :

Kuiper et al. (2006) Atel 684:
  • Flux of ~2.3 mCrab in the 20-65 keV band, with potential counterparts: 1RXS J145341.1-552146 and 1RXS J145349.4-552144.
Mukai et al. (2006) Atel 686:
  • X-ray spectrum requires at least two components to be fitted: a hard power law (with photon index ~ 1.0) and a soft blackbody (kT~70 eV) with little absorption,
  • Spectrum is reminiscent of certain magnetic cataclysmic variables.
  • UVOT source at magnitude 17.59+/-0.02 in the UVW1 filter
Masetti et al. (2006) Atel 783:
  • Balmer and HeI lines in emission at z = 0
  • likely Cv
Barlow et al. (2006) :
  • 20-100 keV Power law photon index 3.1, or bresstrahlung kT=11.1 keV
Masetti et al. (2006) :
  • Halpha, Hbeta, HeII emission lines
  • R=15.4
  • d~190 kpc
Monard (2008):
  • Improved period of 0.13153d +/- 0.0001d derived by considering sharp minima in the (optical) lightcurves over a period of 29d.
Potter et al. 2009 (MNRAS):
  • Optical observations
  • Rapid photometry and polarimetry => orbital period 3.1564 hours
  • Orbital circulary polarized modulation from 0 to -18% seen over 95% of the orbit=> single pole accretion
  • Clearly identify source as a Polar
  • QPO of period 5-6 minutes detected in the source optical light curve on specific occasion
  • Detection of these QPO in circular polarimetry
  • Associate the QPO to the emission site at the cyclotron emitting shock region
Butters et al. 2011 (A&A):
  • No coherent modulation at period of 3.1 hr
  • Presence of a clear signal at periods likely harmonically related period
  • Spectra consistent with the source being a magnetic CV, presence of iron line
  • Possible contamination by a nearby hard X-ray object.

Last updated: 6 Dec. 2010

Jerome Rodriguez