IGR J17445-2747

Other name = XMM SL1 J174429.4-274609

Type Mass Radio Counterpart Infrared/Optical Counterpart
R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References
Galactic X-ray transient
2MASS 17442946-2746114 Malizia et al. 2010
Published Papers
Miscellaneous :

Landi et al. 2007 ATel 1273:
  • A bright Swift source 4.3' from INTEGRAL source, suggested as counterpart
  • 1 USNO B1.0 source within Swift error box also 2MASS object, R~12.
  • 2-10 keV flux = 1.5x10-13 erg/cm2/s
Tomsick et al. 2008:
  • Chandra reveals 2 sources within INTEGRAL error box.
  • Swift source outside INTEGRAL error box, detected with Chandra
  • Since both Chandra and Swift sources are well outside INTEGRAL error, not clear if they are related to IGR source
  • If Swift source is not the counterpart: upper limit on the 0.3-10 keV source flux 4.1-4.5e-14 erg/s/cm2 assuming Γ=2.1
Malizia et al. 2010:
  • XMM archival observation
  • 1 source compatible with Chandra source
  • 1 XMM SL source that appear to be transient, compatible with IBIS bursting catalogued source =>XMM SL source favoured as the counterpart to IGR
  • Source probable Galactic X-ray transient

Last updated 14 June 2010

Jerome Rodriguez