IGR J17456-2901

Other name = SgrA* (?)

Type Mass Radio Counterpart Infrared Counterpart
R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References (position) R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References (position)
Sgr A* Sgr A*
Published Papers
Miscellaneous :

Bélanger et al. 2004 :
  • Possible source confusion, with e.G. AX J1745.6-2901 (although no pulsations from IGR J17456-2901), CXOGC J174540.0-290005, CXOGC J174540.0-290014, CXOGC J174535.5-290124
  • INTEGRAL/ISGRI image of the field available here
    Bélanger et al. 2006 :
    • Source non variable
    • Association of IGR J17456-2901 and Sgr A* confirmed
    • XMM/INTEGRAL 1-400 keV spectrum fitted with two temperature plasma (kT~1 keV and kT~6.5 keV), a Gaussian a 6.4 keV and either a cut-off power law with Γ~1 and cut-off energy 25 keV, or a broken power law with Γ1~1.5 and Γ2~3.2, and break=27 keV.
    • hard X-ray emission NOT extrapolation of the hot thermal plasma at 8 keV, NOT integrated flux of the several known X-ray transients in the field, NOT extrapolation of flares from Sgr A*.
    • Not a point like source, but very compact region of diffuse emission where both thermal and non-thermal physical processes occur
    Hinton & Aharonian 2006 :
    • Possible relationship with the TeV source HESS J1745-290 is discredited.

    Last updated July 26 2006.

    Jerome Rodriguez