IGR J17586-2129

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Type Redshift Radio Counterpart Infrared/Optical Counterpart
R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References
HMXB/ probable Sg companion 2MASS J17583455-2123215 Tomsick et al. 2009
Published Papers
Miscellaneous :
Tomsick et al. 2009 :
  • Chandra observation
  • Spectrum = absorbed powerlaw, NH=15.6 x 1022 cm-2, Γ=0.23
  • 2MASS counterpart has J=11.38, H=9.53, Ks=8.44
  • Compatible with DENIS source DENIS J175834.5-212321 with similar IR mag and I=15.26
  • Candidate absorbed HMXB
Krimm et al. 2009 ATel 2156:
  • Swift observation of an outburst
  • Confirms associations proposed in Tomsick et al.
  • Spectrum fitted with a power law with Γ=1.14 and intrinsic NH=1.11 x 1023 cm-2
Sanchez-Fernandez et al. 2009 ATel 2194:
  • Renewed activity seen with INTEGRAL and Swift/BAT
  • Flux of 11.2 mCrab in the combined observations from Aug 31 - Sep 6.
  • The flux is rather stable over the last 2 weeks.
  • 18-150 keV spectra fitted with a power-law with Γ=3.0
  • Assuming stable spectrum since the Swift/XRT possible presence of a cut-off in the spectrum in the 10-20 keV range: spectrum well fitted with cut-off pl (Γ=1.5 Ecut~20 keV),
Coleiro et al. (2013) :
  • NTT/Sofi NIR Spectroscopy, and photometry
  • Only Br(7-4) emission line detected.
  • SED well fitted with 2 absorbed black bodies => R*/D~5.5 Rsun/kpc, dust temp=2033 K, Av~14
  • Supergiant companion star

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