IGR J21247+5058

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Type Redshift Radio Counterpart Infrared Counterpart
R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References (position) R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) References (position)
Radio Galaxy
AGN/Sey 1
Broad line FRII
0.020 4C 50.55 (GPSR 93.319+0.394, KR2, NRAO 659 or BG 2122+50) Ribo et al. 2004 Atel 235 2MASS 21243932+5058259 Ribo et al. 2004 Atel 235
21h24m39.3s (+/-0.1s) +50d58'26" (+/-1") 21h24m39.32784s +50d58'25.9284"
Published Papers
Miscellaneous :

NVSS contour plot here
2MASS K-band plot here
J=13.27, H=12.38, K=11.37. Optical counterpart with B=16.9 and R=15.1 (USNO B1 cat.)
Possible redshift z=0.02, equivalent to about 94 Mpc (Masetti et al. 2004)
Possible contamination by a superposition of a Galctic star (Masetti et al. 2004)
Bazzano et al. 2006 (ApJ):
  • 6.0+/-1.5 mCrab in 100-150 keV.
Molina et al. 2007 (MNRAS):
  • Broad band analysis
  • Morphology of the (radio) source is typicalof edge-brightened FRII
  • Vewing angle theta=35deg
  • X-ray spectral analysis (XMM-Newton, INTEGRAL, and Swift)=> complex absorption due to two layers of material that cover partially the source with different covering fractions.
  • Spectrum shows the presence of a cut-off at ~75 keV.
  • Possible evolution in the source absorption related to flux variations.
  • To reconcile IGR J21247+5058 with being a Sey1: torus surrounding the source is not continuuous but clumpy
Tazaki et et al. 2010 :
  • 80-ks Suzaku observation
  • Brightest broad-line radio galaxy in the hard X-ray sky (> 10 keV)
  • Broadband (1--60 keV) Suzaku-Swift spectrum : power law (Γ=1.65) high-energy cutoff (~ 105 keV), dual absorption layers (NH1 ~ 7.9x1022 cm-2; NH2 ~ 0.75x1022 cm-2 covering fraction f = 21%), + reflection component (solid angle: Ω/2π = 0.2)
  • Jets contribute a negligible amount to the total X-ray emission.
  • Thermal comptonization reveals a cold (kT ~ 31 keV) and optically-thick corona (τ ~ 3).
  • Narrow Fe-Kalpha emission line (EW ~ 19 eV) =>truncated disc and/or inner radius shielded by a comptonizing medium

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