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Day1 - Tides in stars and planets

8h20-9h00: Registration

9h00-9h10 : Welcoming talk by A.S Brun and S. Mathis and welcoming talk by N.Prantzos on behalf of IAP

9h10-09h20: Welcoming talk by Claude Catala president of Paris Observatory starting at 5:11 min

Chair: Dr Valéry Lainey

9h20-10h10 : Dr Stéphane Mathis and Pr Sébastien Charnoz, key note lecture  Interactions from stellar to giant planet systems
10h10-10h30 : Pr Gordon Ogilvie: On the frequency-dependent effective viscosity of laminar and turbulent flows
10h30-11h00 : Coffee break
11h00-11h20 : Pr Adrian Barker: Non linear tidal flows in short-period planets
11h20-11h40 : Dr Benjamin Favier: The turbulent response of planetary fluid interiors to tidal and libration forcing
11h40-12h00 : Dr Florian Gallet: From stellar evolution to tidal interaction: impact on planetary habitability
12h00-14h00 : Lunch


Chair: Pr Gordon Ogilvie

14h00-14h30 : Dr Jérémy Leconte: Powering planets with tides: coupling thermal and orbital evolution in exoplanetary systems

14h30-14h50 : Dr Emeline Bolmont: Effect of the rotation and tidal dissipation history of stars on the evolution of close-in planets

14h50-15h10 : Pierre Auclair-Desrotour: Atmospheric tides: modeling and consequences on the rotational dynamics of super-Earths in the habitable zone

15h10-15h30 : Pr Gwenael Boué: 3D evolution of the spin of close-in bodies made of Maxwell viscoelastic material

15h30-16h00 : Coffee break

16h00-16h20 : Dr Valéry Lainey: The ENCELADE team: A new vision of the Saturn system

16h20-16h40 : Pr Tamas Borkovits: Third-body pertubed apsidal motion in eclipsing binaries in the primordial Kepler-field

16h40-17h00 : Dr Lionel Siess: A scenario for the formation of long-period eccentric binaries with a helium white dwarf

17h00-17h10 : Dr Valéry Lainey: Presentation of the movie "A new vision of the Saturn system"

19h00-22h30 : Free cocktail at Cassini room in Paris Observatory


Day2 - Seismology and Stellar Structure, Evolution and Rotation

Chair: Pr Corinne Charbonnel

9h00-10h00 : Pr André Maeder, key note lecture : Stellar rotation and evolution
10h00-10h30 : Pr Pascale Garaud : Double-diffusive instabilities in stars

10h30-11h00 : Coffee break

11h00-11h20 : Louis Amard: Anisotropic transport in stellar radiation zones: coming back on horizontal turbulence
11h20-11h40 : Pr Michel Rieutord: Convective overshooting: state of the art and perspectives
11h40-12h00 : Dr Vincent Prat: Vertical shear mixing in stellar radiative zones
12h00-14h00 : Lunch


Chair: Pr André Maeder

14h00-14h30 : Pr Sylvie Vauclair: The mic-mac connection inside stars

14h30-14h50 : Dr Jérôme Bouvier: The connection between lithium and rotation during early stellar evolution

14h50-15h10 : Dr Gérard Vauclair: Fingering convection in accreting hydrogen-rich white dwarfs

15h10-15h30 : Dr Thomas Constantino: Modelling stellar interiors with the new time-implicit 3D hydrodynamic code MUSIC

15h30-16h00 : Coffee break

16h00-16h30 : Dr Kévin Belkacem: Energetic aspects of solar-like oscillations in low-mass stars: from the main-sequence to the red giant stars

16h30-16h50 : Dr Rafael Garcia: Stellar dynamics from the surface to the interior measured by CoRoT & Kepler

16h50-17h10 : Dr François Lignières: Oscillation of rapidly rotating stars

17h10-17h30 : Charlotte Gehan: Toward a better understanding of red giants rotation

17h30-17h50 : Victor Reville: Evolution of stellar winds properties with age, constrained by spectropolarimetric maps and activity measurements

20h-00h00 : Conference diner on bateaux mouches

Day3 - Convection and Magnetism

Chair: Pr Nicholas Brummel

9h00-10h00 : Pr Juri Toomre, key note lecture: Some travels in the land of nonlinear convection and magnetism
10h00-10h30 : Pr Alan Title: Organized flaring behaviors 

10h30-11h00 : Coffee break

11h00-11h20 : Pr Matthew Browning:  Buoyancy, dissipation, and magnetism in convective stars
11h20-11h40 : Dr Lucia Duarte: Helicity inversion mechanism
11h40-12h00 : Pr Steven Tobias: Direct statistical simulation of astrophysycal flows and dynamos
12h00-14h00 : Lunch


Chair: Pr Juri Toomre

14h00-14h30 : Pr Douglas Gough: The Solar Tachocline

14h30-14h50 : Dr Antoine Strugarek: The solar tachocline and the solar magnetic activity cycle

14h50-15h10 : Dr Evelyne Alecian: Fossil magnetic fields in intermediate-mass and massives stars: a global observational picture

15h10-15h30 : Pr Nicholas Brummell: Fully nonlinear Spiegel & Zahn "burrowing"

15h30-16h00 : Coffee break

16h00-16h20 : Dr Allan Sacha Brun: Turbulence and magnetism in stars: from dynamo effect to stellar winds

16h20-16h40 : Pr Yokoi Nobumitsu: Inhomogeneous flow effects on turbulent dynamo, with special reference to stellar activity cycle

16h40-17h00 : Pr David Hughes: magnetic layering

17h00-17h20 : Dr Ludovic Petitdemange: Dipole collapse in spherical rotating dynamos

18h30-20h30: Free cocktail at IAP

21h-22h30 : A free concert at Eglise St Sulpice will be given by the resident organist D. Roth.

Day4 - Instabilities, turbulence and disks

Chair: Pr Michel Rieutord

Oral communication of Pr Ed Spiegel 
Original version of Pr Ed Spiegel's oral communication
9h00-9h45 : Dr Bérengère Dubrulle: Turbulence in disks and laboratory experiments: the contribution of Jean Paul Zahn
9h45-10h30  : Dr Sébastien Fromang: Angular momentum transport in accretion disks: a hydrodynamic perspective 

10h30-11h00 : Coffee break

11h00-11h20 Pr Chagelishvili George: Subcritical MHD turbulence in Keplerian disks - bypass concept via interplay of linear transient growth and nonlinear transverse cascade
11h20-11h40 : Facchini Giulio: Zombie vortex instability in protoplanetary disk: can we find it in the lab?
11h40-12h00 : Dr Jean Teyssandier: Growth of eccentricity in planet-disc interactions

12h00-14h00 : Lunch


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-Paris Observatory restaurant

-Bateaux mouches

-Saint-sulpice church

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