The magnetic core of the red giants
Strong magnetic fields hidden in the heart of stars revealed through "asteroseismology"

An international collaboration of researchers including Rafael A. García of Astrophysics Department-AIM Laboratory of CEA-IRFU managed to determine the presence of strong magnetic fields in the heart of the red giant stars that vibrate like the sun. By studying the waves generated on the surface of hundreds of red giant stars, scientists could probe the interior of stars and rebuild their structures, especially characterizing the internal magnetic phenomena. They have discovered the existence of significant internal magnetic fields. These results, obtained by asteroseismology, through analysis of weak oscillations in brightness of a star, will allow researchers to better understand the evolution of stars where the magnetic field is fundamental. These results are published in the journal Science of 23 Octobre 2015.


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Contact: Rafael GARCIA

Publication: « Asteroseismology can reveal strong internal magnetic fields in red giant stars », Jim Fuller, Matteo Cantiello, Dennis Stello, Rafael A. García & Lars Bildsten, Science, octobre 2015, doi 10.1126/science.aac6933
Electronic Version:  arXiv:1510.06960

Notes :

[1]  The NASA Kepler satellite, launched in March 2009, is devoted to the search of exoplanets around nearby stars. It can measure tiny luminosity variations and then detect star oscillations.

see : The CEA Press Release (23 Octobre 2015)

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