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Be careful, the Irfu institute has two sites:
-The Irfu divisions of SACM, SEDI, SENAC, SIS, SIIEV and SPP are located inside the center of CEA-Saclay.
- The Irfu divisions of SPhN and Sap are at l’Orme des Merisiers, also on the plateau but at a 3 km distance from the CEA center entrance.

Travel by road

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Travel by train
Map, travel plans and timetables of public transportation



From the airport Roissy, take the RER Line B which connects Paris with the area of Saclay and Orsay located at South.
The direction is “Saint Rémy- les Chevreuse”, and the station is Le Guichet.
Check that the train you take stops at « Le Guichet » (not all of them do so, there are panels on the platform indicating at which stations the train stops ; on the board, if the light is on it means that the train stops at the place). Travel will take around 1 hour 15 min.


From the airport Orly, go to the station “Antony” of line RERB by taking the line “Orlyval” (cf and there, take the RER Line B. direction which connects Paris with the area of Saclay and Orsay located at South.
The direction is “Saint Rémy- les Chevreuse”, stop at the station is Le Guichet (check the stops of the train, see indications above).


At the station “Le Guichet”,

- You may either phone to the person who invited you for the seminar, and who should be able to pick you up to drive you to Saclay (please wait for the car close to the station, on the side which is located close to the bar/restaurant called “Le Guichet”- opposite side from the platform where you arrive).
- Or you may exit take a bus –exit on the side “Rue Louise Weiss” (Street Louise Weiss opposite to the platform) bus number is 269.02 (see map below). This bus will drive you to the plateau of Saclay.



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If you go to l’Orme (SPhN and Sap), get off at the stop "Orme les Merisiers". Bus ticket price is the one of metro subway ticket.
Once at “Orme des Merisiers” go to the building 703 (see below the map of Orme site).

If you travel by car to go to “L’Orme”:

From the cross road “Christ de Saclay”, follow the N306 road, direction is St-Aubin, Gif/Yvette,
This N306 road is along the CEA center, after 300 m you will arrive to a first traffic circle cross road (which connects to the INSTN gate of CEA-Saclay) ; you go on straight away on the N305, and after driving 500m there is a second traffic circle cross road, you turn to the left (rotate by 270 degrees from your incoming direction ; in other words, you will exit on the road corresponding to the fourth exit of the traffic circle (first one goes to St-Aubin, second one to Gif-sur-Yvette, 3rd to SOLEIL facility ). The 4th one is the D128 road, go slowly, and just after 10m you will find the entrance gate of Orme des Merisiers.


There, follow the road straight away [50m] on your left, there are the buildings 703 (SPhN) and 709(Sap).



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