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A scientific and technical review, Clefs CEA reports on important subjects in research and development studied by CEA. The articles, written in part by scientists, address a wide public with a general scientific culture.

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Energy transition

january 2018 - n°65

Owing to its unique position in France as an expert research organisation, in the fields of both nuclear/renewable energies and digital technologies, CEA is best-placed to contribute to energy transition for fighting against the global warming.

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Page 2 : What exactly is Energy ? by Etienne Klein

Journey to the heart of Big Data

june 2017 - n°64

CEA has a full role to play in the “Big Data revolution” that has been under way for less than a decade. Not only do a large number of its teams belong to communities managing major data platforms (astrophysics, climate, genomics, etc.) but also and above all, it is actively involved in the design and deployment of data processing, simulation and visualisation infrastructures which make a contribution to national technological sovereignty.

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Page 24 : Big Data at the LHC: already 15 years!

Page 32 : More realistic simulations

Exploring the brain

october 2014 - n°62

Exploring the brain at all scales of its functioning is a triple challenge. The first is instrumental and methodological  the second experimental  the third conceptual and theoretical. The contributions of CEA teams in the development of brain imaging instrumentation, experimental and theoretical approaches, biomarkers or exploratory and therapeutic interventions give them a prominent place on the international scene. 

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Page 44 : Is time a matter of consciousness? by Etienne Klein

Unravelling the secrets of the Universe

october 2009 - n°58

The spectacular advances in technology and the exceptional use that astrophysicists have made of it have led to a complete upheaval in our vision and understanding of the Universe and its components.

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