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 Nuclear astrophysics

 Nuclear astrophysics aims to explain the origin, evolution and abundance of the elements in the Universe.





 The atoms

 From the appearance of the idea that matter is composed of unbreakable elements, in the 5th century BC, to the first form of the theory of quarks, in the 20th century, small history of the notion of atom.





 The Sun

 For 4.6 billion years, the Sun has brought us light and warmth, today man has the ambition to control this source of energy.












 Ever more powerful and less expensive, will electronic chips be able to continue to miniaturize ?





 Radiation and man

 Man is exposed to all forms of natural radiation from the ground, space, the Sun, and even within his own body. This phenomenon was discovered at the end of the 19th century.





 Radioactivity was not invented by man. It is a natural phenomenon that was discovered at the end of the 19th century.










 Energy is essential to man. It represents a major political, economic, scientific and environmental challenge.










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