Nov 22, 2022

After three years of interruption during LS2 (Long Shutdown 2), ALICE was on time for the first collisions after a very important rejuvenation started in 2012 of its electronics, readout and acquisition systems as well as the addition of new detectors. IRFU has long been heavily involved in the ALICE muon forward spectrometer, in particular the MCH (Muon Chambers) tracking chambers, and now also in the new MFT (Muon Forward Tracker) silicon pixel tracker. The MFT will allow to extend the physics domain to additional channels by bringing a better resolution on the tracks and thus on the mass of the detected particles as well as on the extrapolation of the muon tracks to the interaction point.

Jun 17, 2022

The DPhN, in collaboration with the Department of Reactor Studies of Cadarache (DES) and the Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics of Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), studied the properties of gamma rays emitted by uranium isotopes during neutron capture reactions. Gamma-ray spectra measured at CERN's n_TOF facility were used as a test bed for nuclear reaction models and their ingredients, including the photon strength function that characterises the ability of a nucleus to emit or absorb photons. This work has enabled consistent modelling of the photon strength functions of the uranium isotopic chain (234U, 236U, 238U) and confirmed the presence of a particular oscillation mode of the nucleus shape at low excitation energy. This study was carried out as part of the PhD thesis of Javier Moreno-Soto [1] and the full results are published in Physical Review C [2].


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