Cosmology and Statistics Laboratory - CosmoStat
CosmoStat is a laboratory of AIM at CEA/IRFU. The scientific field of the CosmoStat interdisciplinary entity is Computational Cosmology. CosmoStat goals are:    - Statistics & Signal Processing: Develop new methods for analyzing ... More »
High Energy Cosmic Phenomena
High Energy Cosmic Phenomena Research Laboratory
Having inherited the historic activities of the CEA in the field of astrophysics - the study of the galactic cosmic rays and the gamma-rays sky - the High Energy Cosmic Phenomena Laboratory (LEPCHE) is dedicated to studying the extreme sources of ... More »
Laboratory Dynamics of Stars and their Environment
LDEE's web site The Sun and stars are cosmic objects possessing a wide variety of dynamical processes going from turbulent convection, excitation of waves of various types, to the intense surface magnetism and to the interaction with their ... More »
Plasma Numerical Simulations
LMPA - Astrophysical Plasma Simulations Laboratory
  [In French] Une grande variété d'outils numériques est développée dans notre laboratoire. Conçus pour irriguer plusieurs thématiques, leurs champs d'application concernent des ... More »
Star and Planet Formation
For several years the astrophysicists in the Star & Planet Formation Laboratory (LFEP) have carried out pioneering observational research on the early stages of star formation in interstellar clouds. The advent of the Herschel Space Observatory ... More »


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