Résumé du preprint Irfu-11-181

Three mistakes in the article:" The OPERA neutrino velocity result and the synchronisation of clocks"
We have found three mistakes in the article \" The OPERA neutrino velocity result and the synchronisation of clocks, arXiV:1109.6160\" by Contaldi \\cite{Contaldi}. First, the angular definition of the latitude in the geoid definition leads to a prolate spheroid (rugby balloon shape) instead of an oblate spheroid with an equatorial flattening as usual. Second, Contaldi forgot a cosine of the latitude in the centripetal contribution term. And last but not least, a deep conceptual mistake was done believing that an atomic clock or any timekeeper apparatus was carried in a journey by car or plane between CERN to Gran Sasso; instead of that atomic clocks are continuously resynchronized through a GPS device, and this variation of potential term applies only for the neutrino travel itself. Thus instead of a $\\Delta t \\approx 30ns $ correction claimed by Contaldi in a travel of 12 hours plus 4 days at rest for an atomic clock, we have found a time correction only for the neutrino itself $\\Delta t=3.88 \\, 10^{-16} s$! That means, that this paper (arXiv:1109.6160) \\cite{Contaldi} does not give the right explanation why the neutrino travel faster than the speed of light in the CERN-OPERA neutrino experiment.