FALL 2014 EPICS Collaboration Meeting

Mon 20th - Thu 23rd October 2014

CEA Saclay, France

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Annual conference and exhibition 2014

The Fall 2014 EPICS Collaboration meeting is hosted by Irfu/CEA and takes place in Saclay near Paris (Orme des Merisiers) on the 20th October - 23rd October 2014.

It consists of one day training and pre-meeting sessions followed by the main EPICS meeting over 3 days.

EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System) is a set of Open Source software tools, libraries and applications developed collaboratively and used worldwide to create distributed soft real-time control systems for scientific instruments such as particle accelerators, telescopes and large scientific experiments.

These collaboration meetings provide a chance for developers and managers from the various different sites to come together and discuss their work and progress, and make plans for the future. They give a chance to see what is being done at other laboratories, and to review the specifications for new tools or enhancements to existing ones in order to maximize their usefulness to the whole community and avoid duplication of effort.

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