MUSCADE(r) µS.C.A.D.A for Embedded or Centralized System





Java Applet for debugging, monitoring, diagnosis and configuration of electronic equipment including a Web server and

a Modbus(r) / TCP server.


Main Features:

- Graphics Engine, multiwindow, multi-platform, running only on client computer in the Java virtual machine from ORACLE.
- Acquisition of data on the client computer in periodic , snapshot and pre/post-trigger modes.
- Replaying recorded datas on all synoptics. Graphical simultaneous displays for recorded and on-line datas.
- Executing of user scripts with the Rhino/JavaScript engine 1.7R4 from Mozilla with licence MPL v2.0 @
- Programs and data certified with code signing Java.
- Possibility of synoptic edition with AutoCAD® Light of Autodesk.
- Runtime size ~ 2 MB. Application database from size 100 KB.

- Synchronized communication with program cycle of a Programmable Logical Controller Siemens S7-300

  up to ~ 5Ko/ fixed cycle(50 ms) with CEA-S7 protocol over Siemens Industrial Ethernet.

- Available Muscade Client for Android

- Sending mails on events.


Runtime Display built with the Editor AutoCAD(r) Light from Autodesk 



Runtime Display built with the Editor(Anibuild) included in MUSCADE Toolkit



- Embedded S.C.A.D.A, supervisory and acquisition of data with Java WEB technology

Application types:


- 1. Embedded for any electronic  system including a WEB server, a Modbus(r)/TCP server and a space to store the MUSCADE runtime with its application database.

- 2. Centralized for a WEB server PC that comunicate with electronic equipments including Modbus(r)/TCP server over an Ethernet network.



Control command architecture for embedded and centralized systems image004.png






- More information on software architecture...


Muscade Toolkit demo 1 with Adobe® Flash®.


Muscade Toolkit demo 2 for product Crevis Fn-IO & IOGuide with Adobe® Flash®.




Access to a Free Toolkit/Runtime of MUSCADE


A training course with our partners is required to receive a login to access the CEA server and to download a Free Toolkit/Runtime of  MUSCADE. 


- Access to training courses and the list of our partners...


If you received a training certificate and a login from our partners, you can access to the page for downloading the installer of the Toolkit




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