Industry Liaison Laboratory (LRI)
Industry Liaison Laboratory (LRI)

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The Industry Liaison Laboratory (ILL) is the interface between the engineering and design office, scientists, the procurement division of CEA and industrial companies. Its main purpose is to follow the studies and/or the manufacturing, entrusted to industrial companies, of complex mechanical equipment destined to physics instrumentation in the following fields :

  • ground-based telescopes,
  • space telescopes,
  • detectors,
  • particle accelerators components,
  • particle sources and targets, including associated shieldings.


The ILL main activity and expertise fields are described below.


Engineering support during design phases :

  • support to project management,
  • definition of manufacturing schedules,
  • cost estimation and cost engineering,
  • support to the selection of materials and manufacturing processes,
  • risk analysis,
  • quality insurance, documentation and configuration management,
  • implementation of purchase orders, call for tender and contracts (when necessary with the procurement division of CEA).


Industry Liaison Laboratory (LRI)

Spiral 2 cryomodule

Industry Liaison Laboratory (LRI)

Eucard superconducting cavity

Mechanical Engineering :

  • definition of user requirement(s),
  • writing of technical specification,
  • technical follow-up (in France and worldwide) of all aspects of contracts : design studies, documentary deliverables, manufacturing, tests, factory and site acceptance,
  • technology intelligence.




Specific areas of expertise and roles of the ILL staff :

  • knowledge of the French (and European) industrial network,
  • international production follow-up of complex systems,
  • project manager,
  • system engineer,
  • responsible officer for mechanical integration on site.


Industry Liaison Laboratory (LRI)


Industry Liaison Laboratory (LRI)

IPHI RFQ (radiofrequency quadrupole) integration

Technology transfer :

  • writing of transfer procedures,
  • contribution to the settelment of industrial partnerships.

Examples of projects the ILL is involved in :

  • ground-based telescopes : CTA, ELT-METIS,
  • space telescopes : SVOM-MXT,
  • superconducting magnets : R3B, ISEULT, Q4, JT-60SA,
  • particle accelerators systems : ESS, IFMIF-EVEDA, SARAF,
  • particle accelerators targets : NFS.
Industry Liaison Laboratory (LRI)

CTA mirror

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