Nucleon Structure Laboratory (LSN) - The internal structure of hadrons

The Nucleon Structure Laboratory leads research programs in hadron physics and Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) with a specific focus on the internal structure of hadrons. Its activities can be classified into three major branches:

  • Experimental nuclear physics: propose, conceive, build and run new experiments, perform data acquisition and analysis, prospect for future experimental facilities, apply statistical methods for physics analysis.
  • Theoretical nuclear physics: modelling the hadron structure, ab initio computations, study of polarization effects in lepton or hadron scattering, theoretical analysis of experimental data, phenomenology of hadron structure functions.  
  • Detector physics: research and development of innovative detectors, including potential applications beyond nuclear and particle physics.

The research programs of the Nucleon Structure Laboratory cover in a consistent way all the modern aspects of nucleon structure, from the theoretical motivation of some key problems to the design of the required associated detectors. 

The Nucleon Structure Laboratory consists in 24 members, including staff, PhD students and postdocs.

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