The Electronics, Detectors and Computing Division

The main vocation of the Department of Sensor Electronics and Computer Science for Physics is to invent and build the ambitious and innovative detection instruments of the future, essential to the progress of physics studied at Irfu. This involves both positioning on large projects, such as NECTARCAM for CTA with the development of chips capturing and recording ultra-fast detector signals or the development of CMOS detectors for the LHC collider, Caliste cameras for the Solar Orbiter satellite but also software development on board the SVOM satellite.

This state-of-the-art instrumentation is not possible without strong R&D involvement, particularly in the fields of gas detectors and microelectronics, the fields of excellence of DEDIP. With technological infrastructures such as clean rooms for the integration of instruments, dark rooms for the characterization of ultrafast detectors or the micromegas workshop for their manufacture. Thanks to this complementarity of mechanical, computer and... profiles, the DEDIP can autonomously design complete detection systems from sensors to data visualisation.

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Head of division : Eric Delagnes

Deputy : Chriristine Porcheray

Secretary : Bénédicte Piccirelli


#521 - Màj : 22/12/2022


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