Cavity Activities at KEK
Shigeki KATO, Motoaki SAWABE,Takayuki SAEKI
Jeudi 28/02/2013, 10:30-12:15
Bat 130, pce 52 -- 7 à table + 3, CEA Paris-Saclay

Application of Electro-Chemical Buffing onto Niobium SRF Cavity Surface (20min) 

By Shigeki KATO

Niobium electropolishing for SRF cavities are generally considered to be the best technology today. However, hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid mixture usually used in the EP process is harmful and requires us carefully controlled handling of it and the many additional facilities. Recently we have proposed a new application of environmentally friendly electrochemical buffing (ECB) to niobium SRF cavity.


Influence of EP Current Density and Aging of EP Solution on Impurity Generation at Niobium Surface (20min)

 By Shigeki KATO

We conducted a series of EP experiments in fresh EP solution with a high current density and in aged EP solution with a high or a low current density on Nb surfaces. Some of the experiments were carried out both for laboratory coupons and a real Nb single cell cavity with six witness samples. All the samples were investigated with surface analytical techniques of XPS, SEM and EDX.


Summary of STF-EP facility at KEK (20min)

 By Motoaki SAWABE

We have an EP facility in Superconducting RF Test Facility (STF) at KEK. The facility has two EP beds for the EP process of 9-cell cavity.

We are performing about 40 EP processes per year.

The equipment of facility, and the recipe and history of EP processes at KEK will be presented.


Status of Cavity Fabrication Facility at KEK (15min)

 By Takayuki SAEKI

We constructed Cavity Fabrication Facility at KEK for the study on the mass-production of SRF 9-cell cavity. The current status of the facility will be presented, including the fabrication of 9-cell cavity KEK-01.


Vertical Electro Polishing studies for SRF cavities at Marui Galvanizing Company Ltd (15min)

By T. Saeki instead of Marui Galvanizing Co. Ltd.

Marui Galvanizing Co. Ltd. is the company to have the technology of electro-polishing (EP) process for stainless steel pipes, chambers, and so on for scientific experiments, and chemical, food, biotechnology industries. Marui started the study on vertical EP process of 9-cell cavity for ILC mass-production from last spring in collaboration with KEK. The results of the study will be presented.

Contact : rpasquet


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