Superconductivity in space: the SR2S projects and beyond
Prof. Roberto Battiston(1) et Dr. Riccardo Musenich(2)
(1) University of Trento and INFN-TIFPA, (2) INFN Genoa
Vendredi 20/06/2014, 09:30-11:00
Bat 141, salle André Berthelot (143) , CEA Paris-Saclay

Although superconductivity is a kind of  technology particularly suited for space, the available technologies have so far limited the implementations/operation of large space superconducting systems in space. The Space Radiation Superconducting Shield (SR2S) is a FP7 program devoted to the study of the challenging issue of protecting the astronauts from ionizing radiation using  magnetic fields.  For this, large superconducting magnetic systems are needed. SR2S is then the opportunity to establish the status of the present technologies, the TRL and the steps needed to match the requirements. It is indeed a powerful technology driver in many field (superconductors, quench control, thermal control, charge/discharge…), with some interesting results already achieved (light MgB2 superconductors based on a titanium matrix) and some foreseen in the next future (very large Pulsating Heat Pipes). The status of the SR2S program will be presented as well as some ideas on other applications of these technologies for future HEP experiments in space.

Contact : hfurci


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