Technical presentation of NeoDry series : pumps for clean environment
Kashiyama industries Ldt
Kashiyama industries Ldt
Vendredi 25/09/2015, 10:30-11:30
Bat 130, pce 52 -- 7 à table + 3, CEA Paris-Saclay

NeoDry15E series are roots dry pumps which generate no micro dust particles inside of the pump. It is based on a principle different from the scroll pump and consequently the life span or MTBM is very long. Our colleague from KEK have been using a couple of them for about 3 years after a series of test demonstration of roots and screw pumps with non-contacting internal vacuum components from 4 companies (3 Japanese, 1 German, excluding OEM products) as they were bothered with a short MTBM and annoying maintenance of scroll type dry pumps. NeoDry15E showed to be the best among them, especially with its low operation noise and low vibration. Therefore they have been replacing a scroll pump with a NeoDry15E every time the scroll pump reached its life span or its maintenance time. All the NeoDry15Es run very well without any failure up to now.

Some representative from KASHIYAMA INDUSTRIES, LTD. are visiting Saclay next September , 25th, and propose to make a technical presentation of their pumps. We invite you to join us and get any information you might need about these vacuum pumps.

Contact : Barbara DALENA


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