ThomX demonstrateur d'une source compacte de rayons X
Lundi 18/04/2016, 10:00-12:00
Bat 123, p 311 -- 7 places, CEA Paris-Saclay

ThomX is the french project for an X rays source (40 to 90 keV) based on Compton interaction between the photons of a high power laser and an electron beam stored in a ring. The accelerator is composed of a photo-injector linac feeding a storage ring. On that ring a laser pulse accumulated in a Fabry-Perot cavity resonator is interacting with the 50 MeV electrons. The final goal is to provide a xray flux of 1012 ph/s. The emitted flux will be characterized inside a dedicated x line transport. Different users are identified ranging from medical science to cultural heritage analysis. Experimental technics and methods developed on synchrotron storage rings will be used by ThomX users. The project is fully funded by the French National Resarch Agency (ANR). It will be installed on the Orsay Paris-Sud University site, in 2017.

Contact : amollard


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