Design, manufacturing and test of the MQYYM magnet
Simon Damien (CEA)
Jeudi 06/05/2021, 10:30
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Design, manufacturing and test of the MQYYM magnet

Speaker: Simon Damien, from CEA


Since 2014, CEA, in collaboration with CERN, developed for Hilumi, a 90 mm NbTi cos (2theta) quadrupole magnet with an operating gradient of 120 T/m at 1.9 K as an option to replace the 70 mm aperture LHC quadrupole MQY. Despite the fact that the MQYY magnet was removed from HL-LHC baseline in 2016 the R&D to explore the large aperture NbTi quadrupoles was maintained with the fabrication of a single aperture short model at CEA and the development of two full scale prototypes in the industry through the QUACO project.

The short model magnet, called MQYYM, has been designed and manufactured by CEA with a strong support from CERN. The winding of the coils was carried out at CEA while all the assembly was done at CERN by a joined CEA-CERN team. The magnet was then shipped back to CEA for the cold test at 4.2 K. During the powering test, the operating gradient at 1.9 K has been reached at 4.2K after two training quenches.

The aim of the seminar is to present all the design and manufacturing steps of the MQYYM magnet and to report on the results of the cold test.

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