Methods for characterizing rare isotope beams at the REX/HIE-ISOLDE Linear Accelerator
Niels Bidault
Vendredi 18/06/2021, 16:00-17:00

You are kindly invited to the next remote BE Seminar taking place on Friday 18 June at 16:00 (Geneva local time).

Should you be interested, please join the meeting on indico via zoom, using password 889256.

The complete characterization of high-energy Radioactive Ion Beams delivered to experimental stations is essential to the analysis of the underlying phenomenology studied. This includes insights into the purity of the beam and the beam properties in the transverse and longitudinal phase spaces. The challenge is to adapt the existing techniques that rely on intense beams to rare isotope beams encountered at the ISOLDE facility, with intensities typically below a million particles per second.

In this seminar, we first introduce studies of the REX Electron Beam Ion Source (REXEBIS), aiming to optimize the charge-breeding performances. The ion beams extracted from REXEBIS are characterized with single-ion detection capability in terms of intensity, purity and axial energy distribution. In a second step, we show and benchmark new methodologies for measuring the transverse and longitudinal properties of post-accelerated ions beams with sub-femto Ampere currents.


You are kindly requested to leave the video disabled and the microphone muted during the presentation and activate it at the end, if you have any comments or questions.

Please note that the BE Seminar will be recorded.


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