Journée de l'Irfu sur la physique du Higgs
Mercredi 02/11/2011, 09:00-12:30
Bat 141, salle André Berthelot Masque obligatoire; en cas de nécessité de dépassement, contacter préalablement le chef d’installation., CEA Paris-Saclay


This is the first announcement for "la journée de l'Irfu sur la physique du Higgs" that will take place on Wednesday November 2, 2011 in Bât. 141, salle André Berthelot. The goal of this event is to review and to discuss current state-of-the-art of Higgs searches and to exchange knowledge and experience between Atlas, CMS and D0 Irfu groups involved in the LHC and Tevatron experiments.


bf The morning session will be of a general interest. It will be devoted to the review of the latest Higgs results from hadron colliders and discussion of the Higgs problem, which is a central in particle physics today. The afternoon session will be dedicated to the discussion of technical aspects of Higgs search analysis in the Atlas, CMS and D0 experiments.

 There will be time available for discussion of links between experimental analysis and theory/phenomenology aspects at the end of the day.




Contact : Fabrice COUDERC


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