A review on TeV astrophysics with a focus on X-ray/gamma-ray binaries
Jeudi 17/06/2010, 14:30
Bat 709, salle 3 (salle Cassini, Rdc), CEA Saclay, Orme des Merisiers

Astrophysics at Very-High-Energy (VHE) gamma rays in the TeV domain has experienced a revolution during the last few years. The discoveries provided by Cherenkov telescopes like HESS, MAGIC or VERITAS include several supernova remnants and pulsar wind nebulae, pulsations from the Crab, orbital periodicities of gamma-ray binaries, or galactic diffuse emission close to the galactic center, among others. Upper limits have also been obtained on Wolf Rayet binaries and microquasar systems. On the extragalactic arena, several types of AGNs have been detected, including short-term bright flares, as well as a few radiogalaxies up to now. The spectra from these sources have been used to constrain the extragalactic background light. In this talk I will review these topics making a special emphasis on the discoveries we have made, and on the physics we have learned, on X-ray/gamma-ray binaries. I will also shortly comment on our future plans with the Cherenkov Telescope Array, an advanced facility for ground-based gamma-ray astronomy that will operate as a normal observatory open to the whole community.


Contact : pchavegrand


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