The cold and dusty medium in our Galaxy as seen in the X-rays
Mardi 29/11/2022, 10:00
Bat 713, salle de séminaires Galilée , CEA Saclay, Orme des Merisiers

X-rays have unique advantages in studying absorption and scattering from interstellar dust. For example, sharp and deep absorption features of Mg, Si, O and Fe, which are the building blocks of silicates, fall in the X-ray band. Present X-ray observatories already delivered to us interesting results, challenging the common paradigm on interstellar dust chemical and physical characteristics. Future instruments will open up an unexplored window, revealing the most dense environments of our Galaxy.  In this talk I will illustrate the state-of-art of our understanding of dust as seen in the X-rays, and future prospects, using for example, the upcoming XRISM satellite.

Local contact: Anne DECOURCHELLE

Organizer: Frédéric GALLIANO

Contact : Frederic GALLIANO


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