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Current position

Research interests

Since 2022 Member of the AnaBHEL collaboration (black hole anologue system to study photon emission near event horizon)

Since 2015 Study of antimatter. Member of the Gbar collaboration (CERN)

2014-2021 R&D on time projection chambers (TPC) based on micromegas technology.

Since 2001 Member of the DØ experiment, at the Fermilab Tevatron ppbar collider (Ilinois, USA). Main physics interests: top-quark, Higgs boson, Electroweak physics, muon tracking and identification.

1997–2001 Member of the Aleph experiment at LEP (e+e-) CERN collider. PhD at CEA Saclay on the search for supersymmetric Higgs bosons in Aleph in the e+ e− → hA → bbbb and e+ e− → hZ → q q b b channels. In charge of Aleph e+ e− → hA →bbbb official analysis.


2010 French habilitation to supervize doctoral theses (HDR), From muons to supersymmetric Higgs bosons in the DØ experiment, université Paris VII.
2000 Philosophiæ Doctor, Search for supersymmetric Higgs bosons in the Aleph experiment, université Paris XI.
1997 Master of Science, Fields, Particles, and Matter, université Paris XI.
1996 Engineer degree by Ecole polytechnique (X93), Ecole polytechnique, Palaiseau, France.

Scientific responsibilities

Since 2001 Many reponsibilities and positions within the DØ international collaboration:

Since 2020 DØ representative in LHC-Tevatron W boson mass combination group
Since 2015  DØ Physics coordinator
Sep. 2014–Jan. 2015 Convener of the DØ “top, electroweak, and Higgs physics” group
2013–2014 Convener of the DØ “top and Higgs boson physics” group
2013-2015 Member of DØ speakers’ Bureau
2012–2013 Convener of the DØ “Higgs boson physics” group
Mar.–Jul. 2012 Convener of the “Search for Higgs boson at high mass” subgroup
2010–2012 Convener of the “Vector boson + jets and generators” group
2009–2010 Convener of the “muon momentum resolution” task force
2008–2012 Member of DØ editorial board: "Search for new physics in multi-lepton final states"
2005–2008 Convener of the “Muon identification and software” group
Mar.–Sep. 2005 Convener of the “Z → μ+μ− and W → μν production” subgroup

Other scientific or administrative responsibilities

Irfu/DPhp Saclay

2014-2021  Head of DØ Irfu/DPhp group
Since 2006 In charge of computing and computing purchase at Irfu/DPhp
2000-2005 In charge of Dapnia/Spp web site.

Scientific review

2021 Referee at the scientific and technical council of Irfu/Dphp about long baseline neutrino experiments
2013-now Referee for European Physical Journal C and Physics Letter B.
2009–2012 Elected member of the scientific and technical council of Irfu/Spp, Secretary.
2007 Referee for the Atlas and CMS group at the scientific and technical council of Irfu/Spp


Workshops and conferences

2015 Member of the Program Committee for the “Large Hadron Collider Physics” (LHCP2016) conference, Lund (Sweden)
2014 Member of the Program Committee for Top at Twenty workshop, Fermilab, IL (USA)
2004 Preparatory work for DSM/Dapnia and IN2P3 prospect days, La Colle Sur Loup, Oct. 2004
2003 Convener of New Phenomena session, Young scientists days, (JJC2003), La Roche-en-Ardennes Belgian, Dec. 2003.


Supervision of Master’s internship and PhD:

Since 2021 Supervision of Laboratory work (1 month) of the Master 2 entitled "Nucleus, Particles, Astroparticles, Cosmology", université Paris-Saclay

2008–2013 Training lecture in High Energy Physics computing for Master in science students Nucleus, Particles, Astroparticles, Cosmology, université Paris VI, VII et XI.

1997–2000 Teaching assistant, université Paris XI. Approximately 190 hours in wave physics, electromagnetism, and laboratory work (first year students)

Publication summary (H-index=60) 

As a member of the DØ collaboration, co-author of approximately 360 publications in peer-reviewed journal (mainly in Physical Review D and Physical Review Letter). As a member of the ALEPH collaboration, co-author of approximately 70 publications in peer-reviewed journal. The list of these publications can be seen on inspire, or on the D0 web site. Also Co-author of several Gbar publications.

Main DØ publications and preliminary results:

Main ALEPH publications:

Publications by the Gbar collaboration:

Publications by the AnaBHEL collaboration:




Conferences, seminars, and communications

International conferences with proceedings



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