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SRF R&D : surface and material studies for superconducting radiofrequency cavities

Sujets de recherche


- Study of internal contamination of (Nb), and influence on its superconducting properties.

• Surface studies: first evidence of segregation of impurities (H, O, N, F....) at oxide-metal interface and grain boundaries, surface treatment evaluation, fine exploration of the surface of niobium vs surface treatment.

• Morphologic + topologic surface study, influence of relief on radiofrequency EM field.

• Superconductivity : understanding present niobium limitation, developpement of new composite supreconductors.

- Study of superficial contamination

• Superficial contamination studies (dust): contaminating steps, influence of particles' shape...

• Ultra clean techniques development: concept of closed chemistry (first prototype), advisor for the design of the DESY chemical lab. + clean room.

- Niobium metallurgy, influence on its mechanical and forming properties.

• Study of the supplied metal for cavity fabrication, analysis of forming failure.

• Start of an industrial transfer project on hydroforming of Nb tubes.

• development of mettalurgical and machining specifications for Niobium

 - After Niobium : a new family of nano-composite  superconductors.

• development  of layered composite superconductors specially designed for SRF applications.



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