I am a Staff Researcher in astrophysics at the Commissariat de l’Energie Atomique (CEA) in Saclay, France. My research focuses on the evolution of galaxies and supermassive black holes through cosmic time. Namely, my work involves a multi-wavelength approach to probe important properties of galaxies (star formation rates, stellar masses, chemical abundances, etc.) and to identify the presence of active black holes and the connections with their host galaxies.

I obtained my PhD in Astronomy at the University of Arizona in 2011, with Mark Dickinson (NOAO) as my advisor.  My dissertation was titled The Connection Between Star Formation and Active Galactic Nuclei during the Last 8 Billion Years. I then moved to CEA-Saclay as a Marie Curie post-doctoral fellow for one year before taking my current position in 2012 at the same institute. I am part of the Cosmology & Galaxy Evolution team (head: David Elbaz), and a member of large collaborations such as GOODS, AEGIS, CANDELS, and the Euclid Consortium.

I am currently the organizer of the SAp Astrophysics Colloquium.


Dr. Stephanie Juneau



Orme des Merisiers

91191 Gif-sur-Yvette, France

Tel: +33 1 69 08 68 90

stephanie.juneau [at] cea.fr

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