I have authored and co-authored 59 articles, 46 of which are peer reviewed. First-author publications are marked with *, and publications under my supervision with **. The full list can also be retrieved from ADS by clicking here.

| Refereed Publications |

46- Cowley, M. J.; Spitler, L. R. et al. (including Juneau, S.) 2015, ZFOURGE catalogue of AGN candidates: a comparison of star-formation in active and inactive galaxies to z=3.2, Submitted to MNRAS

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| Non-refereed Publications |

13- Scharwächter, J. et al (2015), The WiFeS S7 AGN survey: Current status and recent results on NGC 6300, Refereed Proceeding of the "The Universe of Digital Sky Surveys" conference held at the INAF - Observatory of Capodimonte, Naples, on 25th-28th november 2014 (arXiv:1507.01952)

12- Roos, O.; Juneau, S.; Bournaud, F. & Gabor, J. (2014), Thermal and radiative AGN feedback : weak impact on star formation in high-redshift disk galaxy simulations, Proceedings for SF2A (arXiv1410.6659)

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Co-author on three non-refereed SPIE papers published in: Instrument Design and Performance for Optical/Infrared Ground-based Telescopes. Edited by Iye, Masanori; Moorwood, Alan F. M. Proceedings of the SPIE, 4841 (2003):

3- Hook, I. et al, Gemini-north multiobject spectrograph integration, test, and commissioning, pp. 1645-1656

2- Murowinski, R. G. et al, Gemini-north multiobject spectrograph optical performance, pp. 1440-1451

1- Murowinski, R. G. et al, Gemini-North Multiobject Spectrograph Stability Performance, pp. 1189-1200

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