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PyMSES : Python modules for RAMSES


PyMSES is a set of Python modules originally written for the RAMSES astrophysical fluid dynamics AMR code.

Its purpose :

  • provide a clean and easy way of getting the data out of RAMSES simulation outputs.
  • help you analyse/manipulate very large simulations transparently, without worrying more than needed about domain decompositions, memory management, etc.,
  • interface with a lot of powerful Python libraries (Numpy/Scipy, Matplotlib, PIL, HDF5/PyTables) and existing code (like your own).
  • be a post-processing toolbox for your own data analysis.

What PyMSES is NOT

It is not an interactive environment by itself, but :

  • it provides modules which can be used interactively, for example with IPython.
  • it also provides an AMRViewer graphical user intergace (GUI) module that allows you to get a quick and easy look at your AMR data.




Authors:Marc LABADENS, Damien CHAPON, Thomas GUILLET
Organization:Service d’astrophysique, CEA/Saclay
Address:Gif-Sur-Yvette, F91190, France
Date:January 30, 2014

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