Gas and dust evolution during the formation of protoplanetary disks
Mardi 13/06/2023, 10:00
Bat 713, salle de séminaires Galilée , CEA Saclay, Orme des Merisiers

Protoplanetary disks are the consequence of angular momentum conservation during the protostellar collapse. Their formation is a complex process which includes numerous physical effects (non-ideal MHD, stellar feedback, gas and dust interactions, turbulence…). In this seminar, I will present our recent works to better understand the formation of these disks. In the first part of the talk, I will focus on their gas content. I will show how modelling simultaneously the large scales of star forming regions and the small scales of protoplanetary disks allows us to constrain the statistical properties (mass, radius, temperature…) of these disks. The second part of the talk will be dedicated to the study of dust evolution. In particular, I will stress the consequences of this process not only for the formation of disks, but also for the formation of planets.

Local contact: Thierry FOGLIZZO

Organizer:Frédéric GALLIANO

Contact : Frederic GALLIANO


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