M2C Project

Tester le modèle Lambda matière noire froide pour l'évolution de la matière noire dans les amas de galaxies.

Testing the Lambda-CDM model for the formation of collapsed structures.


Porteur CEA : M. Arnaud


The project "Following the most massive galaxy clusters over cosmic time" (M2C)  aims at testing the standard Λ Cold Dark Matter scenario for the formation of collapsed structures. It is funded by a 5-year ERC Advanced Grant awarded to Dr Monique Arnaud. Our test laboratory will be the most massive clusters of galaxies and their evolution, discovered by taking advantage of the advent of cluster detection via the Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) effect. The project will also provide a benchmark for the gravity-driven evolution of the gas as it is accreted into the dark matter potential.

Team members:

M. Arnaud (PI; X-ray, SZ)
H. Aussel (optical/IR)
I. Bartalucci (X-ray)
A.M.C. Le Brun (numerical simulations)
J.-B. Melin (SZ, X-ray) 
G.W. Pratt (X-ray, SZ)
P. Tarrio-Alonso (SZ, X-ray)
R. Teyssier (numerical simulations)
S. Zarattini (optical)
R.F.J. van der Burg (optical; now at ESO)  

Former members:

Jessica Démoclès (X-ray)
T. Sadibekova (X-ray catalogues)


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