Spin alignment of stars in old
open clusters


Enrico Corsaro, Yueh-Ning Lee, Rafael A. García,

Patrick Hennebelle, Savita Mathur, Paul G. Beck, Stéphane Mathis, Dennis Stello & Jérome Bouvier


Nature Astronomy, March 13 2017




Simulation showing the formation dynamics during the first 10 kyr, with yellow circles corresponding to massive stars.

The data used to produce the results shown in the paper are divided in three bundles, each one compressed into a tar.gz format. Each data bundle contains also a README file explaining the data structure and content of the data files. Additionally, we provide two more data bundles that contain the results of the comparison with the measurements published by Meibom et al. 2015.

  • The data bundle Data_Bundle_LightCurves.tar.gz contains all the light curves corrected for the asteroseismic analysis, as described in the Methods section of the manuscript.

  • The data bundle Data_Bundle_PeakBagging.tar.gz contains the detailed asteroseismic properties of frequency, amplitude (or height), and linewidth, of each rotationally split l=1 mixed mode selected for the measurement of the stellar-spin inclination. The Bayesian detection probability is also provided for all the oscillation mode components with low signal-to-noise ratio, as reported in the Methods section of the manuscript.


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