The RAMSES code
Author: Romain Teyssier
The RAMSES code

Examples of domain decomposition used in
RAMSES to perform parallel computing.

RAMSES was developped in Saclay to study large scale structure and galaxy formation.
It is now a rather flexible package to be used for general purpose simulations in self-gravitating fluid dynamics.
It is written in Fortran 90 with extensive use of the MPI library.
The current version is 1.0: it is a free software for non-commercial use only.


This code is a grid-based hydro solver with adaptive mesh refinement. The data structure is called a "fully threaded tree". As opposed to "patch-based AMR", cells are refined on a cell by cell basis: it is therefore called a "tree-based AMR". A very simple interface based on "Fortran namelists" can be used to specify runtime parameters. A few routines can be modified to set more complex initial or boundary conditions. The 4 main modules are:
- the AMR module with grid refinement, parallel communications and time steping.
- the hydro module with a second-order unsplit Godunov solver with various slope limiters and Riemann solvers.
- the N body module for colisionneless particles dynamics
- the Poisson module with a multigrid solver for the coarse grid and a Conjugate-Gradient solver on the fine grids.


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RAMSES was written by Romain TEYSSIER, and is under CEA Copyright.
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The RAMSES code

Exemple of AMR grid obtained during a high-resolution cosmological simulation. Each color corresponds to a given level of refinement. Only oct boundaries are shown for clarity.

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