The launch date of SVOM is now official; it will be launched on June 24, 2024, from Xichang, China.  

The launch of SVOM is officially scheduled by our Chinese partners for June 24, 2024.

In the photo accessible by clicking on the link XX, you can admire the SVOM payload integrated into the hall of the SECM (Shanghai Micro Satellite Engineering Center) in Shanghai.

All tests have been successfully completed, and the satellite is now ready for launch.

The purpose of the Flight Acceptance Review (FAR), scheduled to take place in Shanghai from January 22 to 26, 2024, will be to formally approve the satellite's readiness to move to the launch pad located in Xichang in Xishuang.

Photo de Svom intégrée dans le hall en Chine


A. Claret, 2023-12-22 13:42:00


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