1/ Registration will be open Monday 17th starting at 10am at the main entrance of the CNRS Michel-Ange Campus.
In order to avoid possible long waiting lines before the beginning of the first session at 2.00pm, please consider to proceed early with your registration.

2/  Access to the conference room is  controlled.  An access card will be given to you in exchange of a picture ID.
We would advise to non-French citizens to bring a spare ID and thus  keep their passport with them all the time.

3/  The agenda is now available on indico page
Please note that all talks will be webcasted, including the possibility to remotely ask questions.
The link will be sent to the ALICE member email list in a separate email.

4/  Wifi in the conference room is limited to about 60 connections. Do not expect high bandwidth network, the last minute upload on indico is not  guaranteed to work.

5/  One of the subway station close to the CNRS (Michel-Ange Molitor, lines 9 and 10) is closed. The closest one, Michel-Ange Auteuil, should be used preferably. All the other ones, within a 5 min walk, are also fine.

Useful information will be displayed here when appropriate.
Please follow the links above for useful information to arrange your accommodation and about the social dinner.