Proposal for the Design, Construction, Commissioning and Operation of the HISPEC/DESPEC experiment at the Low-Energy Branch of the Super-FRS facility at GSI

HISPEC/DESPEC deals with a versatile, high resolution, high efficiency spectroscopy set-up to address questions in nuclear structure, reactions and astrophysics using radioactive beams with energies of 3-150 MeV/u or stopped and implanted beam species. The radioactive beams, which will be delivered by the energy buncher of the Low Energy Branch (LEB) of the Super-FRS or from the NESR, will be used for gamma-ray, charged particle and neutron spectroscopy. The HISPEC (High-resolution in-flight spectroscopy) set-up will comprise beam tracking and identification detectors place before and behind the secondary target, the AGATA Ge array, charged particle detectors, a plunger, a magnetic spectrometer and other ancillary detectors. The DESPEC (Decay spectroscopy) set-up will comprise Si based implantation and decay detectors, a compact Ge array, neutron detectors, fast BaF2 detectors, a total absorption spectrometer and equipment for g-factor and quadrupole moment measurements. DESPEC will use the same suite of particle identification and tracking detectors as HISPEC. The two set-ups can be combined for recoil decay studies, with the DESPEC detectors placed at the end of the magnetic spectrometer.


Full proposal : hispec-despec.pdf



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