Laboratoire Dynamique des Etoiles, des (Exo)-planètes, et de leur environnement



Dr. Allan Sacha Brun, chef du LDE3, présente le laboratoire en particulier les activités de recherche sur le Soleil, les interactions étoiles-planètes et le satellite Solar Orbiter



Simulations MagnétoHydrodynamiques du Soleil De par sa proximité, le Soleil a une influence forte et directe sur la Terre et notre société technologique. En particulier, son activité magnétique


Des chercheurs du Service d'Astrophysique du CEA-Irfu et de l’Université de Bonn (Allemagne) viennent de démontrer l'existence de champs magnétiques stables dans les régions non convectives des étoiles comme les couches externes des étoiles plus massives que le Soleil ou le cœur des étoiles de type solaire.


Les observations sismiques sont uniques car ce sont les seules qui permettent de sonder et d'étudier l'intérieur du Soleil (Héliosismologie) et des étoiles (Astérosismologie) .


SolarCast a web portal dedicated to Solar Prediction . SolarPredict: A tool to forecast the the solar activity 11-yr cycle and to invert meridional circulation based on a solar dynamo model and a 4D var variational technique.













Publications 2017


10/2017  Guillot, Tristan; Mathis, Stéphane; Remus, Françoise; Lainey, Valéry; Jacobson, Robert A.; Tajeddine, Radwan; 

              New constraints on Saturn's interior from Cassini astrometric data

01/2017  Gallet, F.; Charbonnel, C.; Amard, L.; Brun, S.; Palacios, A.; Mathis, S.

              Impacts of stellar evolution and dynamics on the habitable zone: The role of rotation and magnetic activity

01/2017  Anders, F.; Chiappini, C.; Rodrigues, T. S.; Miglio, A.; Montalbán, J.; Mosser, B.; Girardi, L.; Valentini, M.; Noels, A.; Morel, T.; 

               Galactic archaeology with asteroseismology and spectroscopy: Red giants observed by CoRoT and APOGEE

Publications 2016


12/2016  Lund, Mikkel N.; Basu, Sarbani; Silva Aguirre, Víctor; Chaplin, William J.; Serenelli, Aldo M.; García, Rafael A.; 

              Asteroseismology of the Hyades with K2: first detection of main-sequence solar-like oscillations in an open cluster

12/2016  Gaulme, P.; Rowe, J. F.; Bedding, T. R.; Benomar, O.; Corsaro, E.; Davies, G. R.; Hale, S. J.; Howe, R.; Garcia, R. A.; Huber, D.;

              A Distant Mirror: Solar Oscillations Observed on Neptune by the Kepler K2 Mission

12/2016  Mathur, S.; García, R. A.; Huber, D.; Regulo, C.; Stello, D.; Beck, P. G.; Houmani, K.; Salabert, D.

              ERRATUM: “Probing the deep end of the Milky Way with Kepler: Asteroseismic Analysis of 854 faint Red Giants misclassified as Cool

              Dwarfs” (2016, ApJ, 827, 50)

12/2016  Réville, Victor; Folsom, Colin P.; Strugarek, Antoine; Brun, Allan Sacha

             Age Dependence of Wind Properties for Solar-type Stars: A 3D Study

11/2016  Mathur, S.; Garcia, R. A.; Huber, D.; Regulo, C.; Stello, D.; Beck, P. G.; Houmani, K.; Salabert, D.

              VizieR Online Data Catalog: Kepler faint red giants (Mathur+, 2016)

11/2016  Beck, P. G.; Salabert, D.; Garcia, R. A.; do Nascimento, J., Jr.; Duarte, T. S. S.; Mathis, S.; Regulo, C.; Ballot, J.; Egeland, R.; 

              Probing Seismic Solar Analogues Through Observations With The NASA Kepler Space Telescope and Hermes High-Resolution Spectrograph

11/2016  Ortiz, E.; Valdés-Galicia, J. F.; Matsubara, Y.; Nagai, Y.; Hurtado, A.; Musalem, O.; García, R.; Anzorena, M. A.; González, L. X.; Itow, Y.;

              Observation of cosmic ray hadrons at the top of the Sierra Negra volcano in Mexico with the SciCRT prototype

11/2016  Salabert, D.; García, R. A.; Beck, P. G.; Egeland, R.; Pallé, P. L.; Mathur, S.; Metcalfe, T. S.; do Nascimento, J.-D., Jr.; Ceillier, T.; 

              Photospheric and chromospheric magnetic activity of seismic solar analogs. Observational inputs on the solar-stellar connection from Kepler and


11/2016  Beck, P. G.; Salabert, D.; Garcia, R. A.; do Nascimento, J., Jr.; Duarte, T. S. S.; Mathis, S.;

              Probing Seismic Solar Analogues Through Observations With The NASA Kepler Space Telescope and Hermes High-Resolution Spectrograph

11/2016  Bolmont, Emeline; Mathis, Stéphane

              Effect of the rotation and tidal dissipation history of stars on the evolution of close-in planets

11/2016  Lanza, A. F.; Mathis, S.

              Tides and angular momentum redistribution inside low-mass stars hosting planets: a first dynamical model

10/2016  Bolsée, D.; Pereira, N.; Cuevas, E.; García, R.; Redondas, A.

              Comments to the Article by Thuillier et al. "The Infrared Solar Spectrum Measured by the SOLSPEC Spectrometer Onboard the International

              Space Station" on the Interpretation of Ground-based Measurements at the Izaña Site      

10/2016  Réville, Victor; Folsom, Colin P.; Strugarek, Antoine; Brun, Allan Sacha

              Superradially Expanding Flux Tubes Of Young Star'S Coronae

10/2016  Augustson, Kyle C.; Brun, Allan Sacha; Toomre, Juri

                The Magnetic Furnace: Intense Core Dynamos in B Stars

10/2016    Varela, J.; Strugarek, A.; Brun, A. S.

                Characterizing the feedback of magnetic field on the differential rotation of solar-like stars

10/2016    Varela, J.; Reville, V.; Brun, A. S.; Pantellini, F.; Zarka, P.

                Radio emission in Mercury magnetosphere

10/2016    Augustson, Kyle; Mathis, Stéphane; Strugarek, Antoine

                On The Stability of A General Magnetic Field Topology In Stellar Radiative Zones

10/2016    Strugarek, A.; Beaudoin, P.; Brun, A. S.; Charbonneau, P.; Mathis, S.; Smolarkiewicz, P. K.

                Modeling turbulent stellar convection zones: Sub-grid scales effects

08/2016    Salabert, David; Garcia, Rafael A.; Beck, Paul G.; Regulo, C.; Ballot, J.; Creevey, Orlagh L.; 

                The Solar-Stellar Connection: Magnetic Activity Of Seismic Solar Analogs

08/2016    García, Rafael A.; Salabert, D.; Ballot, J.; Beck, P. G.; Bigot, L.; Corsaro, E.;

                Probing Stellar Dynamics With Space Photometry

08/2016    Mathur, S.; García, R. A.; Huber, D.; Regulo, C.; Stello, D.; Beck, P. G.; Houmani, K.; Salabert, D

                Probing the Deep End of the Milky Way with Kepler: Asteroseismic Analysis of 854 Faint Red Giants Misclassified as Cool Dwarfs

08/2016    Augustson, Kyle; Mathis, S.; Brun, A. S.; Toomre, J.

                The Magnetic Furnace: Examining Fully Convective Dynamos And The Influence Of Rotation

07/2016    Pinto, R. F.; Brun, A. S.; Rouillard, A. P.

                Flux-tube geometry and solar wind speed during an activity cycle

07/2016    Mathis, S.; Auclair-Desrotour, P.; Guenel, M.; Gallet, F.; Le Poncin-Lafitte, C.

                The impact of rotation on turbulent tidal friction in stellar and planetary convective regions

06/2016    Garcia, R. A.; Corsaro, E.; Handberg, R.; Miglio, A.; Arentoft, T.; 

                VizieR Online Data Catalog: Surface gravity for 220 Kepler stars (Campante+, 2014)

06/2016    Pérez Hernández, F.; García, R. A.; Corsaro, E.; Triana, S. A.; De Ridder, J.

                Asteroseismology of 19 low-luminosity red giant stars from Kepler

06/2016     Moravveji, Ehsan; Townsend, Richard H. D.; Aerts, Conny; Mathis, Stéphane

                 Sub-inertial Gravity Modes in the B8V Star KIC 7760680 Reveal Moderate Core Overshooting and Low Vertical Diffusive Mixing

05/2016     Salabert, D.; Régulo, C.; García, R. A.; Beck, P. G.; Ballot, J.; Creevey, O. L.; Pérez Hernández, F.;

                 Magnetic variability in the young solar analog KIC 10644253. Observations from the Kepler satellite and the HERMES spectrograph

05/2016     Régulo, C.; García, R. A.; Ballot, J.

                  Magnetic activity cycles in solar-like stars: The cross-correlation technique of p-mode frequency shifts

05/2016      Beck, P. G.; Allende Prieto, C.; van Winckel, H.; do Nascimento, J.-D., Jr.; Salabert, D.; Corsaro, E.; García, R. A; .....

                  The HERMES solar atlas and the spectroscopic analysis of the seismic solar analogue KIC 3241581

05/2016      Toomre, Juri; Augustson, Kyle C.; Brun, Allan Sacha; Miesch, Mark S.

                  Global Solar Convective Dynamo with Cycles, Equatorward Propagation and Grand Minima

05/2016      Guenel, M.; Baruteau, C.; Mathis, S.; Rieutord, M.

                  Tidal inertial waves in differentially rotating convective envelopes of low-mass stars. I. Free oscillation modes

04/2016      Buysschaert, B.; Beck, P. G; Garcia, R. A;

                  Testing the asymptotic relation for period spacings from mixed modes of red giants observed with the Kepler mission

04/2016       Mathis, Stéphane; Lee, Umin; Neiner, Coralie;     

                   Pulsation-driven mean zonal and meridional flows in rotating massive stars

03/2016       Regulo, C.; Garcia, R. A.; Ballot, J.

                   Magnetic activity cycles in solar-like stars: The cross-correlation technique of p-mode frequency shifts

03/2016      Salabert, D.; Regulo, C.; Garcia, R. A.; Beck, P. G.;...

                  Magnetic variability in the young solar analog KIC 10644253: Observations from the Kepler satellite and the HERMES spectrograph

02/2016       Svanda, Michal; Brun, Allan Sacha; Roudier, Thierry; Jouve, Laurè

                   Polar cap magnetic field reversals during solar grand minima: could pores play a role?   

02/2016       Ceillier, T.; van Saders, J.; García, R. A.; Metcalfe, T. S.; Creevey, O.; Mathis, S.; Mathur, S.; Pinsonneault, M. H.; Salabert, D.; Tayar, J.

                   Rotation periods and seismic ages of KOIs - comparison with stars without detected planets from Kepler observations

02/2016       Wade, G. A.; Mathis, Stéphane;...

                   The MiMeS survey of magnetism in massive stars: introduction and overview

01/2016       Kallinger, Thomas; Hekker, Saskia; Garcia, Rafael A.; Huber, Daniel; Matthews, Jaymie M.

                   Precise stellar surface gravities from the time scales of convectively driven brightness variations

01/2016       Stello, Dennis; Cantiello, Matteo; Fuller, Jim; Huber, Daniel; García, Rafael A.; Bedding, Timothy R.; Bildsten, Lars; Aguirre, Victor Silva

                   A prevalence of dynamo-generated magnetic fields in the cores of intermediate-mass stars

01/2016      van Saders, Jennifer L.; García, Rafael A.; Mathur, Savita; ...   

                  Weakened magnetic braking as the origin of anomalously rapid rotation in old field stars

01/2016      Di Mauro, M.P.; Beck, P.G.; Garcia, R. A.;...

                   Internal Rotation of the Red-giant Star KIC 4448777 by Means of Asteroseismic Inversion


Previous Publications


Brun Allan-Sacha

Minier Vincent

Mathis Stephane.

Garcia Raphael.


Dernière mise à jour : 19-09-2017

2 sujets /SAp/LDEE

• Astrophysics


Evolution of the internal and surface dynamics through asteroseismology


Research field : Astrophysics
Location :

Service d'Astrophysique (SAp)

Laboratoire Dynamique des Etoiles et de leur Environnement (LDEE)


Contact :

Rafael A. Garcia

Starting date : 01-10-2017

Contact :

Rafael A. Garcia



Thesis supervisor :

Rafael A. Garcia



Laboratory link :

The objective of these PhD is to progress in the understanding of the dynamical processes at work inside stars (mainly red giants) and hence to improve the structure and evolutionary models. The outcome will be a better determination of the stellar ages, which are crucial for stellar physics, the study of planetary systems, and the galactic physics (and galactic archeology). This PhD will have a large impact on the observations made with the NASA Kepler/K2 mission as well as for the NASA/TESS mission (to be launch at the end of 2017), as well as for the ESA/GAIA mission for which the age estimation are being calibrated using asteroseismology. This PhD will also allow to help the preparation of the ESA/M3 PLATO mission for which the CEA (DRF/IRFU/SAp) is deeply involved in both the hardware and the preparation of the scientific tools.

Tidal dissipation in stars: angular momentum transport and magnetism


Research field : Astrophysics
Location :

Service d'Astrophysique (SAp)

Laboratoire Dynamique des Etoiles et de leur Environnement (LDEE)


Contact :

Stéphane MATHIS

Starting date : 01-09-2017

Contact :

Stéphane MATHIS



Thesis supervisor :

Stéphane MATHIS



Since the discovery of the first exoplanet around a solar-type star in 1995 (Mayor & Queloz 1995), a revolution is occurring in Astrophysics. More than 3000 exoplanets have been discovered and characterised around host stars of different masses and ages. The orbital architecture of these planetary systems is strongly different from the one of our Solar system. These groundbreaking discoveries change the paradigm for the understanding of the formation, the evolution and the stability of star-planet systems among which our own Solar system.

For short-period planets already discovered and those, which will be discovered and characterised by the forthcoming space missions CHEOPS (ESA) and TESS (NASA) in 2018 and PLATO (ESA) in 2024 (in which researchers of the Laboratory AIM – Astrophysics division of CEA are strongly involved), the host stars play a key role. Indeed, close planets induce in these stars complex tidal flows (such as oceanic tidal waves excited on the Earth by the combined lunar and solar tides). Their dissipation modifies the orbits of close planets and can influence the rotational dynamics of the stars (Bolmont & Mathis 2016). To understand the evolution of close star-planet systems, it is thus mandatory to build realistic ab-initio models of tidal waves and of their dissipation (e.g. Zahn 1975, Ogilvie & Lin 2004-07, Ogilvie 2013) as a function of the structural and dynamical properties of the host star. Indeed, it has been demonstrated that tidal dissipation in stars vary over several orders of magnitude as a function of the stellar mass, age, rotation and differential rotation (e.g. Mathis 2015, Mathis et al. 2016, Baruteau & Rieutord 2013, Guenel et al. 2016). Moreover, these properties of the dissipation strongly impact systems’ orbital and rotational evolution (e.g. Bolmont & Mathis 2016).

The objective of this PhD project is to model for the first time tidal waves dissipation in low-mass stars with taking into account the internal transport of angular momentum they induce (Favier et al. 2014) and magnetic fields (e.g. Wei 2016), particularly in stellar convective envelopes which are the seat of a dynamo action. The framework of this project is the European ERC project SPIRE (Stars: dynamical Processes driving tidal Interactions, Rotation and Evolution) within the Laboratory of the Dynamics of Stars and their Environment, one of the leading group in this research area, in close collaboration with the Institute of Astrophysics and Planetology (University of Toulouse), the Geneva University (Switzerland) and the Universities of Leeds and Cambridge (UK). The objective is to provide key theoretical predictions to accompany and ensure the best scientific exploitation of future space missions such as CHEOPS, TESS and PLATO.

Bibliography :

- Baruteau & Rieutord 2013, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 719, 47

- Bolmont & Mathis 2016, Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy, 126, 275

- Guenel, Baruteau, Mathis & Rieutord 2016, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 589, A22

- Favier, Barker, Baruteau, Ogilvie, 2014, Monthly Noticies of the Royal Astronomical Society, 439, 845

- Mathis 2015, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 580, L3

- Mathis, Auclair-Desrotour, Guenel, Gallet, Le Poncin-Lafitte 2016, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 592, 33

- Mayor & Queloz 1995, Nature, 378, 355

- Ogilvie 2013, Monthly Noticies of the Royal Astronomical Society, 429, 613

- Ogilvie & Lin 2004, The Astrophysical Journal, 610, 477

- Ogilvie & Lin 2007, The Astrophysical Journal, 661, 1180

- Wei 2016, The Astrophysical Journal, 828, 30

- Zahn 1975, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 41, 329


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