ICON : Inpainting for COlored-Noise dominated 1D signals
S. Pires, J. Bergé, Q. Baghi, P. Touboul and G. Metris

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ICON :  Inpainting for COlored-Noise dominated 1D signals

MICROSCOPE differential acceleration Power Spectral Density (PSD) averaged over 100 simulations in the inertial mode (upper panel) and in the spin mode (lower panel). The black lines show the PSD estimated when all the data is available, the red lines show the PSD estimated from data filled with the inpainting method developed in Berge et al., 2015 and the green lines show the PSD estimated from data filled with the new inpainting method (ICON).




Missing data are a common problem in experimental and observational physics. They can be caused by various sources, such as an instrument's saturation, a contamination from an external event, or a data loss. In particular, they can have a disastrous effect when one is seeking to characterize a colored-noise-dominated signal in Fourier space, since they create a spectral leakage that can artificially increase the noise. 

The ICON is a code that is based on inpainting technique that correct for missing values

This code has been integrated in the official MICROSCOPE data processing and analysis pipeline that aims to test the weak equivalence principle down to the 10-15 level. Although, this code has been optimized to process MICROSCOPE data, it remains sufficiently general to be used in the general context of missing data in time series dominated by an unknown colored-noise. 



Linux (64 bits) 

Mac OS X.




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"Dealing with missing data in the MICROSCOPE space mission: An adaptation of inpainting to handle colored-noise data", S. Pires, J. Bergé, Q. Baghi, P. Touboul, G. Métris, Physical Review D,  94, 123015, December 2016

"Dealing with missing data: An inpainting application to the MICROSCOPE space mission", J. Bergé, S. Pires, Q. Baghi, P. Touboul, G. Metris, Physical Review D, 92, 11, December 2015


Please acknowledge use of the code in any resulting work, citing Bergé et al., 2015 and Pires, et al, 2016. For questions and feedback or to be informed of the forthcoming versions, send an email to  .


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