Dr. Sandrine PIRES
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Engineer-researcher in the CosmoStat Laboratory

Research Interests

Signal and image processing in astrophysics:

Data analysis : multiscale methods, sparse representation, statistical methods
Cosmology : Weak LensingAsteroseismology


I'm involved in the following projects :

- Euclid

- Kepler

- Microscope




Scientific Publications

  1. "Weak Lensig Mass Reconstrcution using Wavelets", J.-L. Starck, S. Pires, and A. Refregier, A&A, 451, 3, 1139-1150, 2006 

  2. "Sunyaev-Zel'dovich clusters reconstruction in multiband bolometer camera surveyl", S. Pires, J.B. Juin, D. Yvon, Y. Moudden, S. Anthoine, and E. Pierpaoli, A&A, 455, 2, 741-755, 2006

  3. "Curvelet applications to asteroseismic data", P. Lambert, S. Pires, J. Ballot, R.A. García and J.L. Starck, A&A, 454, 3, 1021-1027, 2006

  4. "Dark matter maps reveal cosmic scaffolding", R. Massey, J. Rhodes, R. Ellis, N. Scoville, A. Leathaud, A. Finoguenov, P. Capak, D. Bacon, H. Aussel, J.-P. Kneib, A. Koekemoer, H. McCracken, B. Mobasher, S. Pires, A. Réfrégier, S. Sasaki, ,J.-L. Starck, Y. Taniguchi and J. Taylor, Nature, 445, 7125, 286-290, 2007

  5. "Full-sky Weak Lensing Simulation with 70 Billions Particles", R. Teyssier, S. Pires, D. Aubert, C. Pichon, S. Prunet, A. Amara, K. Benabed, S. Colombi, A. Réfrégier and J.-L.Starck, A&A, 497, 2, 335-341, 2009.

  6. "FASTLENS (FAst STatistics for weak Lensing): Fast method for Weak Lensing Statistics and map making", S. Pires, J.-L. Starck, A. Amara, R. Teyssier, A. Réfrégier and J. Fadili, MNRAS, 395, 3, 1265-1279, 2009.

  7. "Handbook for the GREAT08 Challenge: An image analysis competition for cosmological lensing", S. Bridle, J. Shawe-Taylor, A. Amara, D. Applegate, S.-T. Balan, G. Bernstein, J. Berge, H. Dahle, T. Erben, M. Gill, A. Heavens, C. Heymans, W. High, H. Hoekstra, M. Jarvis, T. Kitching, J.-P. Kneib, K. Kuijken, D. Lagattuta, R. Mandelbaum, R. Massey, Y. Mellier, B. Moghaddam, Y. Moudden, R. Nakajima, S. Paulin-Henriksson, S. Pires, A. Rassat, A. Refregier, J. Rhodes, T. Schrabback, E. Semboloni, M. Shmakova, L. van Waerbeke, L. Voigt, D. Wittman, Annals of Applied Statistics, 3, 6-37, 2009.

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  9. "Cosmological model discrimination from Weak Lensing data", S. Pires, J.-L. Starck, A. Amara, A. Réfrégier and R. Teyssier, A&A, 505, 3, 969-979, 2009.

  10. "Light on Dark Matter with Weak Gravitational Lensing", S. Pires, J.-L. Starck and A. Réfrégier, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 27, 1, 76-85, 2010.

  11. "Weak Lensning Mass Reconstruction: Flexion vs Shear", S. Pires and A. Amara, ApJ, 723, 2, 1507-1511, 2010

  12. "Spectral evolution and polarization of variable structures in the pulsar wind nebula of PSR B0540-69.3", N. Lundqvist, P. Lundqvist, C.-I. Björnsson, G. Olofsson, S. Pires, Yu. A. Shibanov and D.A. Zyuzin, MNRAS, 413, 1, 611-627, 2011

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  19. "Sparsely Sampling the Sky: Regular vs Random Sampling", P. Paykari, S. Pires, J.-L. Starck, A.H. Jaffe, accepted in MNRAS, July 2015

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  25. "High Resolution Weak Lensing Mass-Mapping Combining Shear and Flexion", F. Lanusse, J.-L. Starck, A. Leonard, S. Pires, A&A, 591, A2, 12, June 2016

  26. "A new model to predict weak-lensing peak counts III. Filtering technique comparisons", C. Lin, M. Kilbinger, S. Pires, accepted in A&A, March 2016

  27. "Dealing with missing data in the MICROSCOPE space mission: An adaptation of inpainting to handle colored-noise data", S. Pires, J. Bergé, Q. Baghi, P. Touboul, G. Métris, accepted in Physical Review D, December 2016



PhD manuscript :  "Application des méthodes multi-échelles aux effets de lentille gravitationnelle faibles: reconstruction et analyse des cartes de matière noire", S. Pires, Sedi-Sap/CEA Saclay, defended in December 15, 2008.


Chapter in Book : "Weak Gravitational Lensing", S. Pires, J.-L. Starck, A. Leonard, and A. Refregier, in Advances in Machine Learning and Data Mining for Astronomy, Chapman and Hall, Edtitors M. Way, J. Scargle, K. Ali, A. Srivastava.


Euclid Definition study Report : Mapping the geometry of the dark Universe", Laureijs, R.; Amiaux, J.; Arduini, S.; Auguères, J. -L.; Brinchmann, J.; Cole, R.; Cropper, M.; Dabin, C.; Duvet, L.; Ealet, A.; Garilli, B.; Gondoin, P.; Guzzo, L.; Hoar, J.; Hoekstra, H.; Holmes, R.; Kitching, T.; Maciaszek, T.; Mellier, Y.; Pasian, F.; Percival, W.; Rhodes, J.; Saavedra Criado, G.; Sauvage, M.; Scaramella, R.; Valenziano, L.; Warren, (Report, Euclid Red Book Editorial Team) S.; Bender, R.; Castander, F.; Cimatti, A.; Le Fèvre, O.; Kurki-Suonio, H.; Levi, M.; Lilje, P.; Meylan, G.; Nichol, R.; Pedersen, K.; Popa, V.; Rebolo Lopez, R.; Rix, H. -W.; Rottgering, H.; Zeilinger (Euclid Consortium Board), W.; Grupp, F.; Hudelot, P.; Massey, R.; Meneghetti, M.; Miller, L.; Paltani, S.; Paulin-Henriksson, S.; Pires, S.; Saxton, C.; Schrabback, T.; Seidel, G.; Walsh (Other Euclid Tiger Team members), et al (165 additional authors)




Conference Organization
  • Organizer and speaker at ADA7 summer school (Cargèse, May 7-11, 2012)

  • Workshop « Missing Data in Physics", Nice (France), May 11-12, 2015


- Summer School, "Wavelet And Multifractal Analysis", Institut d'Etude Scientifique de Cargese, Corsica, June 19-31, 2004

- Workshop "Contenu informatif des images numeriques", ENS Cachan (France), November 25-26, 2004 

- Summer School in Statistics for Astronomers & Physicists, Penn State's University (USA), June 5-17, 2005

- Advanced Lectures, "a Pan-Chromatic View of Clusters of Galaxies and the Large-Scale Structure", Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica of Puebla (Mexico), June 27- July 8, 2005

- Conference, Les rencontres de Moriond : "Contents and structures of the Universe", La Thuile (Italie), March 18-25, 2006

- Workshop on Nongaussianity in Cosmology, Miramare-Trieste (Italy), July 24-28, 2006 

- Conference, ADA IV (Astronomical Data Analysis), Marseille (France), September 18-20 , 2006

- Colloquium Stellar physics and cosmology, « Dark matter maps reconstruction from weak lensing data - Application to COSMOS data- », Paris (France), May, 24-25, 2007

- Conference, ADA V (Astronomical Data Analysis), Heraklion (Crete), May 7-9 , 2008

- Workshop PPF-PSI on missing data, « Missing data interpolation in Weak Lensing », Toulouse (France), Avril 28, 2009

- Conference Invisible Univers, «Cosmological model discrimination with Weak Lensing » , Paris (France), June 29 - July 3, 2009

- Workshop DEUS (DARK ENERGY UNIVERSE SIMULATIONS), «Cosmological model discrimination with Weak Lensing », December, 4, 2009, IAP, Paris (France)

- Conference, ADA VI (Astronomical Data Analysis), Monastir (Tunisia),  «Cosmological model discrimination from Weak Lensing » , May 3-6 , 2010

- Conference NDIP (New Developments In Photodetection), Lyon (France), « Image processing in Astrophysics », July 4-8, 2011

- Conference, ADA VII (Astronomical Data Analysis), Cargese (France), «Improving Cosmological constraints from non-Gaussianity in Weak Lensing » May 14-18, 2012

- Workshop « Weak Lensing beyond the ordinary", Nice (France), "Optimizing non-Gaussian statistics », June 3-5, 2013

- Workshop « Missing Data in Physics", Nice (France), "Missing Data in asteroseismology", May 11-12, 2015

- Conference MissData, Rennes (France), "Missing Data in asttrophysics", June 18-19, 20125

Invited talks

- « Dark Matter mass map Reconstruction and Analysis using Sparsity, University Observatory », Munich, (Germany), June 17-19, 2008

- « FASTLens Fast method for Weak Lensing Statistics and map making »,  Paris, France , July 9, 2008

- « Application of multiscale methods to Weak Lensing : Reconstruction and Analysis of Dark Matter mass maps », JPL/Caltech, Pasadena (USA), Feb 25-March 16, 2009

- Workshop PPF-PSI on missing data, « Missing data interpolation in Weak Lensing », Toulouse (France), Avril 28, 2009

- Conference NDIP (New Developments In Photodetection), Lyon (France), « Image processing in Astrophysics », July 4-8, 2011

- Mini-workshop on Kepler mission « Signal processing with sparse representations », School of Physics, University of Sydney, Australia, Nov 19-23, 2012

- Conference MissData, Rennes, France, June 18-19, 2015



For more informations refer to : the MRLens Software page


For more informations refer to : the FASTLens Software page


For more informations refer to : the K-Inpainting Software page



Scientific and administrative responsabilities


  • Leader of the Internal data Implementation Work Package in the Euclid OULE3.

  • Leader of the Mass Mapping Work Package in the Euclid Weak Lensing Science Working Group.

  • SDC-FR DEV-OULE3 pipeline Implementation responsible for Euclid

  • SAp Postdoc Responsible (Organization of Postdoc Seminars)

  • Technical and Informatic support to the image processing softwares developed by the team.

















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