The search for permanent electric dipole moments
Klaus Kirch
Paul Scherrer Institut and ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Lundi 30/09/2013, 11:00
Bat 141, salle André Berthelot (143) , CEA Paris-Saclay

Permanent electric dipole moments (EDMs) of fundamental systems with spin, as particles, nuclei, atoms or molecules violate parity and time reversal invariance. Invoking the CPT theorem, time reversal violation implies CP violation. Although CP-violation is implemented in the standard electro-weak theory, EDMs generated this way remain undetectably small. However, this CP-violation also appears to fail explaining the observed baryon asymmetry of our universe. Extensions of the standard theory usually include new sources of CP violation and often predict sizeable EDMs. EDM searches in different systems are complementary and various efforts worldwide are underway and no finite value has been established yet. The prototype of an EDM search is the pursuit of the EDM of the neutron. It has the longest history and at the same time is at the forefront of present research. The talk aims at giving an overview of the field with emphasis on our efforts within an international collaboration at PSI.


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