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Service de Physique des Particules

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Physicist at the particle physics division of CEA, Saclay, France 

CEA/IRFU/SPP, Bâtiment 141, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette


Research Interests

I have been involved mainly in three fields in astroparticle physics: (i) neutrinoless double beta decay (2004 – today), (ii) direct search for dark matter (2007 – today) and (iii) axion physics (2012 – today). In this activity I had the opportunity to develop several multidisciplinary skills:
• Design, fabrication and operation of low temperature detectors for astroparticle physics
• Thermometry at very low temperatures
• Cryogenics, also at dilution-refrigerator temperatures (<20 mK)
• Analysis and interpretation of background radioactivity spectra
• Measurements of low-level signals at low noise
• Basic neutrino properties
• Cold dark matter candidates
• Axion models and their relevance in astrophysics and cosmology

I'm involved in the following projects :







2011 - Today Researcher at the Particle Physics Division (IRFU/SPP) at CEA Saclay, France

2010 Marie-Curie researcher (Intra European Fellowship – FP7) at the Centre de Sciences Nucléaires et de Sciences de la Matière (CSNSM/CNRS), Orsay, France

2008 – 2009 Post-doctoral researcher at the Physics and Mathematics Department of the Insubria University, Como, Italy (supervisors: A. Giuliani – V. Gorini)

2007 Joint PhD in Physics (Mention tres honorable) Physics Department G. Occhialini – University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy (supervisor: Prof. Ettore Fiorini) and University of Paris XI, France (supervisor: DR-CNRS Louis Dumoulin)
PhD thesis title: Identification of surface events in bolometers for the search for rare events in the CUORE and EDELWEISS experiments
PhD thesis URL:

2004 Master in Physics (Mark: 110/110 cum laude)
Physics Department, University of Milan, Italy
Master thesis title: Development of innovative bolometers for neutrino physics with an active background discrimination (supervisor: Prof. M. Meroni)


The publication records can be found for example in IN SPIRE:

Talks at conferences


[1] ILIAS (Integrated Large Infrastructures for Astroparticle Science) is an I3 project, funded in FP6, coordinating the infrastructures for Astroparticle Physics, in particular the underground laboratories used for rare event searches.

[2] “The search for Double Beta Decay with CUORE: the reduction of the background”

Posters at conferences

  1. CUORE and the inverted hierarchy region: the reduction of the surface background” presented at NDM06, 3-9 September 2006, Paris, France.
  2. New TeO2 NbSi Detectors for Rare Event Search” presented at 12th International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors -  LTD12, 22-27 July 2007, Paris, France.
  3. "Superconducting Aluminum layers as pulse shape modifiers: an innovative solution to fight against surface background in neutrinoless Double Beta Deacy experiments", LTD14 -  Heidelberg University -  August 1-5, 2011.
  4. "EDELWEISS detectors: from R&D to Dark Matter search", 12th International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics -  5,9 September 2011, Munich, Germany.
  5. “HARD, The EDELWEISS approach to the low-mass WIMPs”, WOLTE10 - 10th International Workshop On Low Temperatures Electronics - October 14-17, 2013 Paris, France.


2013 Co-responsible for the Laboratory for muon lifetime measurement, NPAC Master 2, Paris Sud University, France
2010 Qualification as Maître de Conférence
2006 Co-responsible of the light speed measurement laboratory in the framework of a joint action between Insubria University, Como, Italy and high schools – 15 hours
2005 – 2006 Teaching assistant, Laboratory of General Physics, Physics and Mathematics Department, Insubria University, Como, Italy – 66 hours
2005 – 2006 Teaching assistant, Introduction to General Physics, Chemistry Department, Insubria University, Italy – 30 hours
2005 – 2006 Teaching assistant, Nuclear and Particle Detectors, Physics and Mathematics Department, Catholic University of Brescia, Italy – 10 hours






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